Claiming The Perch

Although it had heated up by midday, the earlier part of the morning was cooler.

We finished the work on the wisteria;

Jackie continued with other shrubs and roses, such as those festooning the gazebo. Behind the third and fourth steps of the ladder in the third image here can be seen

the colchicums which continue to spread.

Piles for clearance could be found anywhere. In this picture we have the rose ‘cap’ from the top of the now bareheaded gazebo.

The third compost bin is pretty full,

and we only have two more empty refuse bags.

It didn’t take a wood pigeon long to claim the now available perch atop the gazebo.

This evening we dined on roast chicken and parsnips; sage and onion stuffing; boiled new potatoes; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; tender runner beans; and tasty gravy, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Douro.


  1. Your garden always looks amazing, so much colour. I wish ours was bigger sometimes. It’s long, but narrow and a tall hedge along one side, so half of it has limited sun.

    1. Limited sun can offer so many opportunities some lovely flowers and shrubs actually prefer that kind of position. Happy gardening Tony!

  2. I do admire your autumn prep.
    We had the promised sunny day, but I detected a faint autumn chill no matter what the temperature gauge read.

  3. We’ve just recently escaped summer’s heat and I am finding myself wanting to get back out into the garden. You guys amaze me with your stamina for it. Love your new feathered friend. Our hummingbirds are still here but will be gone in a day or two. That’s the real end of summer. : (

    1. Jackie is doing so. I’m not. Unfortunately Aaron is not working on Sundays any more and will have to fit us in when he can – I can at least do more of my share now. Thanks very much, Ivor

    1. Thanks very much, Laurie. Aaron has changed his hours and doesn’t work on Sunday any more, so I have to do more – his timing has coincided with my ability to manage it. He will still fit us in when he can.

  4. You have been trimming the garden lustily, and how! It’s a necessity for they don’t take long to go wild. As for the pigeons, they were my car’s worst enemies a few years back. I guess they still are, they nearly peeled off the paint of my new car with copious droppings. So if you see more of them practising yoga around your garden, hide your Modus!

  5. you have a beautiful garden and i admire your hard work! the value added pigeon looks very at home in your garden. it is quite charming! 🙂

  6. Wood pigeons seem to be in every garden nowadays. The two or three we play host to have even taken to eating the bright red berries that were originally planted should a flock of hungry waxwings ever come to the area.

  7. Great work, you 2!!! You’ve accomplished so much! Hope you have some days ahead where you can take some rests. 🙂

    Keep being careful on ladders!

    Mr.? or Mrs. ? Wood Pigeon was like, “Whew! They had a chicken for dinner!” HA! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  8. Hi Derrick – your posts always inspire me to get out in the yard and work with what I have out there. I did that all day on Tuesday and felt so good to see things cleaned up!

  9. It is good to be back and see your gardens again, Derrick and Jackie! It is beautiful, clear and sunny there, with so much color and life!

    The rain started at 3:00 AM today. It will help clear the air of smoke, and help with fire suppression. Wet ground never looked so beautiful.

  10. Always enjoy your inspirational posts, {{{Derrick}}}… Have a Fabulous Friday. Don’t work too hard! <3 Hugs to you & Jackie. I love Mr. Wood Pigeon. So glad he's made himself to home there!

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