Claiming The Perch

Although it had heated up by midday, the earlier part of the morning was cooler. We finished the work on the wisteria; Jackie continued with other shrubs and roses, such as those festooning the gazebo. Behind the third and fourth steps of the ladder in the third image here can be seen the colchicums whichContinue reading “Claiming The Perch”


General garden maintenance this morning included Jackie’s replanting of the Iron Urn consisting of pansies underplanted with purple tulips, having replaced the root-bound soil; and much more clipping, chopping, and bagging of wayward shrubs. The winter pansies now blend well with the pale purple colchicums or autumn crocuses, phlox, and Japanese anemones while contrasting withContinue reading “Spotlights”

Life And Death

IMAGES CAN BE ENLARGED WITH A CLICK WHICH MAY BE REPEATED This morning I employed several efforts at procrastination to defer my tackling the installation of the new Epson Perfection V850 Pro scanner. Included were reading a book, dead-heading roses, and a bit of clearing in the garden. Eventually, I got down to it, andContinue reading “Life And Death”

“So Much Colour”

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED This morning Jackie continued her autumn clearing and planting in the garden. This afternoon I tidied up a bit then wandered around with my camera. Petunias and geraniums continue to glow, with bright little erigerons still standing proud; and diascias and begonias adding to the music. TheContinue reading ““So Much Colour””

Before And After

This morning I e-mailed Ray Salinger a set of the photographs taken at the ‘Seventy Years On’ party. After this I joined Jackie in the garden, where we continued yesterday’s tasks. I edged the front garden gravel path with rocks dug out over the last couple of days, then spread the transported earth around theContinue reading “Before And After”

A Plant Hunt

This morning I walked up Hordle Lane taking a route on the right through what are now flint-strewn stubble fields sporting attractive daisies. Yeatton House, now converted into flats, could be seen peering from the trees in the distance. Feeling like a rat seeking egress from a maze, I took a diagonal tractor track acrossContinue reading “A Plant Hunt”