I spent much of the morning obtaining and working on papers relating to my executorship of Mum’s will. Elizabeth visited after lunch to collect some material with my signatures.

Afterwards I posted

Thereafter Broadband connection was severely disrupted.

Fortunately I was able to post Jackie’s photograph of the delicious chicken jalfrezi and pilau rice that she produced for our dinner, with which she finished the Sauvignon Blanc and I drank more of the Comté Tolosan Rouge.


  1. Jackie’s food looks so delicious! It’s rather irritating when the internet link goes down, that happened at my place a month ago.

  2. Dinner looks delicious. I hope the administration duties aren’t too onerous or complicated. It’s very complicated here.
    Facebook and Instagram have been down for most of the day. I hope your Internet problems aren’t related.

    1. Internet all OK, Merril. Probate is complicated here, but Mum’s affairs, particularly as her house was sold to pay for her care, is quite straightforward. Thanks very much.

  3. That is a BIG job you are doing! Bestest wishes! My hubby had that job when his Mum died. It took a full year to get everything FINALLY settled. We were shocked that it took that long. Lots of paperwork, red tape, places, and people involved I guess.

    Yikes on the broadband! Hope all is well now.

    Jackie’s food looks delicious! She saves the day! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) <3 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Carolyn. Broadband OK now. As having Power of Attorney for some years, Elizabeth has done a lot already – the rest looks comparatively simple. We’ll see. X

  4. Take the executive steps one at a time. Don’t rush it. 🙂 Dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s. It does take time for everything to be settled and remember there’s always something that gets messed up in the red tape but usually fixable. Stay calm. 🙂

  5. It seems there have been digital difficulties aplenty today. I hope yours have been resolved at this point. If not? That dinner looks like a good way to assuage frustrations!

  6. I’ve been staring at that dinner thinking it looks very good! I mike a rice pilaf that looks a little bit like that, but I’ve never made chicken jalfrezi. I’ll have to look that up.

  7. Your dinner looks very delicious, Derrick and Jackie! I hope tomorrow is smooth sailing for you both. The BBC classic shipping forecast theme “Sailing By” is one I like to listen to when I would really like smooth sailing. 🙂

  8. I remember the paperwork and red tape being a challenge after my father’s death. Just take one step at a time and take good care of you. I’m glad you had a yummy dinner.

  9. I can only agree to what others have said before me. Paper work required for untangling even a simple estate is a tedious business – with someone skimming of a share of ‘costs’ along each step. I wish you well with that sad business and am glad you can enjoy the boost of Jackie’s fine meals.

  10. There is so much to do after someone dies, the most simple being those endless photocopies of the will that everyone seems to need.

  11. Jan here … sending my love and wishing you a productive, stress-free day. Mmmm… I can still taste those delicious sausages!! Jackie is such a marvelous cook!

  12. Whoa, your broadband was down too? I’m not a facebook person, but I heard they were down for 6 1/2 hours yesterday too.

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