Bridge Over Untroubled Water

This morning I posted

After lunch on this warm and sunny day we took a forest drive.

A solitary Highland cow was in possession of Whitemoor Pond.

Sunlight dappled the landscape; cast shadows across the banks of Ober Water, its bed and rippling surfaces; and backlit the leaves. Dog walkers led sometimes dripping pets; other photographers stood on Puttles Bridge or crouched before their subjects.

Rhinefield Ornamental Drive was also popular with walkers.

This evening we dined on lamb chops; roast potatoes; Yorkshire pudding; gravy; mint sauce; cauliflower, carrots, and green beans, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Zinfandel.


  1. Someday I will learn to make Yorkshire pudding! i have heard it is not difficult. The closest to it here are popovers.
    Beautiful snaps, but my favourite is the shadow of the bridge.

    1. I’m so pleased you liked that one, Rose. Even I have made Yorkshire pudding, but it really isn’t worth it now – shop ones are just as good. Thanks very much

  2. It’s great that you and Jackie are able to get outdoors so often! I’m gradually re-learning to use public transport and to attend community outdoor events without freaking out about the coronavirus on the loose. Always masked-up, mind you.

  3. The highland cow is beautiful. Such an amazing creature and your photographs do it fine justice!
    Dappled sunshine is such a gift at this time of the year. Lovely to see it being appreciated so.

  4. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. You’ve got some wonderful shots of the Highland cow. Were you using a zoom, or were you as close as it seems?

  5. Your reflection photos are always so amazing! Aw! and Oh! bursts forth from my mouth! 🙂
    The Highland cow is having a mighty fine hair-day! 😉 And it’s always a joy to see the doggies walking their Human-Beans! 😉
    The riverbed and shadows photo is so beautiful! You’ve captured the sun and the shadows art-masterpieces today!
    Perfect title…it’s nice to have some untroubled-water-days to keep rambling and ambling on the bridge of life. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. I had to look twice. In the first photo it looks like a turtle in the tree that’s ready to pounce onto the cow which led into a flick of the tail at the turtle in photo two.

    I think I need new glasses. 😉 Or, I have a great imagination. 🙂

  7. The photo you chose for your header is my favorite, although I must say those Highland cows just knock me out every time I see one. They look as though they might have a relatively placid disposition — or perhaps they know their strength, and know they’re quite in control of their environment.

  8. All great photos! I especially like the backlit oak leaves and the last photo emphasizing the magnificence of the big trees and forest in comparison to the size of the people.

  9. The Highland cow, with his curling tail, impressive horns, and long bangs, was worth the portraits you took of him.

  10. A twist on the first song I ever bought ? (Your titles are so clever!) I do love the highland cow but my favourite shot here is the sun on those oak leaves. Beautiful!

  11. Such beautiful sets of photos today, Derrick! I like how the series of the Highland cow really work as a series that I can imagine displayed. The landscape photos are beautiful–I love the shadows and reflections (of course), and the little jewel of a photo with the glowing leaves.

  12. That cow looks quite content in his acquisition of the pond. That is a beautiful dog too. It seems to be a very photogenic area.

  13. What a great way to spend an afternoon! That reflection in the water of the solitary Highland cow is wonderful! And the dinner sounds absolutely delicious ? I love mint sauce ?

  14. The water features are amazing. I really like the first cow and its reflection on water. It looks like the perfect subject for a large poster

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