Oak Leaves Swept Along

This morning Becky drove Dillon and his family to Heathrow to see him safely off to America for the next month. All went smoothly and the ladies returned with Ellie early this evening. After lunch, Jackie took me on a forest drive. Ponies stood out in a distant hazy landscape on yet another shirt-sleeves mildContinue reading “Oak Leaves Swept Along”

Becky’s Turn

This morning, Becky took a turn at enjoying Ellie. Afterwards she drove the young family to a check up appointment at which all was pronounce well. Meanwhile Jackie and I took a forest drive, mostly focussed on Ober Water, beside which a fallen tree made its contribution to the ecology, and a Dalmatian called PringleContinue reading “Becky’s Turn”

Enough For A Splash

Our Waterboy feature had been reduced to a mere trickle by the narrow pipe feeding the fountain from the pump being clogged up. Jackie spent much of the morning clearing the blockages and restoring normal working order. I dozed over an Iris Murdoch for most of this very hot day until 5 p.m. when IContinue reading “Enough For A Splash”

Too Close

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/06/24/a-knights-tale-141-why-i-bought-no-3-rue-saint-jacques/ After lunch Jackie and I took a forest drive through Beachern Wood to Ober Corner where ponies and their foals rested in the still overcast and humid atmosphere. One suckler was welcomed – anther was given a clear message that he was getting too close. I walked through the woodlandContinue reading “Too Close”

A Surfeit Of Foals

This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest. She spotted a possibly sleeping foal on the verge of Wilverley Road and parked the car so I could walk back to find the prone animal. As I reached it it clambered to its feet and sought the comfort of its mother who twitched her tail, perhapsContinue reading “A Surfeit Of Foals”

Across The Stream

On this overcast, somewhat warmer afternoon Jackie drove me to Puttles Bridge and back. From the carpark I crunched among the dropped pine cones and dried autumn leaves; thudded along the beaten track; slalomed around fallen, decaying, branches and tree trunks; and gingerly stepped over exposed, sometimes mossy, interwoven roots, alongside the still, silent, reflectingContinue reading “Across The Stream”

Chasing Her Stick

This morning I published https://derrickjknight.com/2022/01/28/a-knights-tale-96-kings-lynn/ During mid afternoon we took a forest drive to Puttles Bridge and back. Several groups of walkers set out on the flat and reasonably dry trail through the woodland, while I chose the wetter area alongside Ober Water, with its ripples, reflections, mossy stumps and gnarly roots. It was thereContinue reading “Chasing Her Stick”

Bridge Over Untroubled Water

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/10/16/a-knights-tale-53-a-stormy-birth/ After lunch on this warm and sunny day we took a forest drive. A solitary Highland cow was in possession of Whitemoor Pond. Sunlight dappled the landscape; cast shadows across the banks of Ober Water, its bed and rippling surfaces; and backlit the leaves. Dog walkers led sometimes dripping pets;Continue reading “Bridge Over Untroubled Water”

A Gentle Snow Plough

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/08/31/a-knights-tale-25-a-papal-honour/ By mid-afternoon the earlier Stygian gloom had lifted enough for us to drive to Puttles Bridge and back after buying another, larger, bag of tree bark mulch. With barely a ripple the now very shallow Ober Water could hardly be said to flow under the bridge. The root trip hazards,Continue reading “A Gentle Snow Plough”