A Pony For GP

On returning from our trip yesterday, we admired the progress that Richard and Alan from Kitchen Makers had made during our absence.

The frame for the internal front door was well under way, and the new vestibule cupboard in position.

Today Richard completed the architraves for the entrance door and the new sitting room upstairs; and fitted the wardrobe drawers – all to an immaculate standard.

Afterwards, Jackie announced that she would like to find a pony for GP.

Off we went into the forest, where, just outside Burley, we found

the very creature.

We stopped on Hordle Lane to admire the sunset.

Afterwards the Assistant Photographer pictured

violas in the iron urn with bidens beside their container; and the blooming white chrysanthemum that she had grown by rooting in water one of the flowers from Becky’s Mother’s Day bouquet.

This evening we dined on Red Chilli’s excellent takeaway fare. My main course was king prawn naga, Jackie’s was chicken sag. We shared tarka dal, mushroom rice, panir tikka, sag bahji, and plain naan. There is enough left over for tomorrow. Mrs Knight drank Hoegaarden while I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2019.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

63 thoughts on “A Pony For GP

  1. Thank you so much, Jackie for thinking of me! I love my pony!!
    I must say, I really like that wardrobe. I usually tend toward dark furniture, but they are quite neat and stylish.
    Have a wonderful evening… see ya tomorrow!

  2. That wardrobe is a thing of beauty to behold! I love the sunlit autumn birch. I also love how the sun in the Hordle Lane sunset is all the way to the left-hand side of the photo.

  3. Have I imagined that you had a new kitchen fitted not long ago, Derrick? If so, please liaise with Mrs B over the old one. In any event – good stuff! I have a little dream that my ancestors came from Burley – no records, of course.

  4. Varying lighting effect produced by partially clouded skies has yielded beautiful pictures. The pony looks grand, as do the thatched cottages, bared trees, and a photographer in pink shirt.

  5. That workmanship is superb; the new cupboards look marvellous. Lovely colour! I do of course, admire the beautiful pony but my attention was grabbed by the sunlit tree. (It’s been a brilliant autumn down here, one of the best I can remember.)

  6. I suspect it won’t be long before the wardrobe spaces are “re-clothed” and you are enjoying finding your outfits quickly. As for the pony, nice one.

  7. Their work is exceptional. I am sure you are pleased to see that. The wardrobe turned out gorgeously. I can see bits of the walls and floors and realize it has been years since those rooms were updated. You are taking good care of a good old home. I’m glad you are the two that occupy it now.

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