The Sun Must Be Over The Yardarm

Elizabeth paid us a visit just as we were settling down with lunch and an antiques programme. She declined to join us but was happy to make herself a coffee while we turned off the TV and enjoyed a chat and an exchange of presents to be placed under our respective Christmas trees.

Afterwards I made a start on reading

This frontispiece, illustrated by the inimitable Charles Keeping, depicts ‘Carton stood over him with his hand in his breast’

The next three drawings show ‘A horse and rider came slowly through the eddying mist’;

‘ ‘I kiss your hand, miss’ ‘;

and ‘Madame Defarge said nothing when her lord came in’

This afternoon, while preparing tomorrow’s festive dinner, the Culinary Queen lost all track of time, and, thinking the sun must be over the yardarm,

brought me a glass of Lirac at ten past three.

Soon afterwards, Becky and Ian arrived. Later we were joined by Mat, Tess, and Poppy. We all dined on Mr Chan’s excellent Hordle Chinese Take Away.


  1. It’s nearly 10.00am Christmas Day here Derrick … my brother is on his way to pick me up, and take us (me & Frankie) .to our niece April’s place, where will enjoy our family luncheon … then we’ll travel to Ballarat for Dinner, and on Boxing Day in Ballarat we’ll all celebrate our sister’s birthday … haha …. not sure what day we’ll be returning to Geelong …

  2. Jackie is correct. There is probably a page on the web to confirm where the sun is over the yardarm. Santa, according to the web, is just over two minutes away from Southampton! πŸ™‚ Happy Christmas to you all.,

  3. Just a couple of hours we ate a filling Christmas day lunch and we’ve already had an hours nap. It’s hot indoors and out. No chance of walking of lunch before consuming leftovers for tea.

    Happy Christmas Derrick and Jackie. πŸ™‚

  4. That is a wonderful book you have picked up, I look forward to relishing Keeping’s illustrations β€”the first instalment is already here. Jackie has kept the household Christmas-ready, filled with fun and feast. Great photos.

  5. A lovely glimpse of the Culinary Queen in her domain. We woke to the sound of happy grandchildren at four this morning – enjoy your festivities over the next few days.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful lead up to Christmas. Of course I’m replying in NZ time and it’s Boxing day morning…the sun is up, some dude, close by, is listening to Rap and is sawing up something!
    Interesting because he was doing handy stuff on the 24th…but not ever for months before!
    Merry Christmas Derrick and jacqui

  7. I am very happy to see Mr Keeping’s impeccable mastery of character, line, and composition featured again, Derrick. That deserves a glass of wine thoughtfully provided by the Culinary Queen.

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