Sunset Slicing Slate Skies

Slate-dull as it has been, today we experienced the warmest New Year’s Eve since records began.

Plasterer Martin Paulley, who on 5th will begin the work which will complete the Kitchen Makers project visited to check what he has to do.

After lunch I posted

Later this afternoon Jackie and I collected medication from the Milford Pharmacy and went on to meet Becky and Ian at the Beachcomber at Barton on Sea.

A photographer on the clifftop at Milford had difficulty locating the throughly obscured Isle of Wight;

a child stood too close to the ever-crumbling edge for my comfort;

others walked along the path which has more than once been brought further inland.

Choppy seas slipped back from the shingle before reaching the rows of beach huts.

We emerged from the Beachcomber with the western skies lightened enough for us to see walkers along the seafront and for the sunset to slice the slate skies.

This evening we dined on cottage pie topped with fried potatoes; firm roast parsnips and Brussels sprouts; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; and tasty gravy. Jackie finished the Sauvignon Blanc; Becky and Ian drank the last of the Zesty; and I drank more of the Merlot-Tannat.


    1. I was stationed at Fort Ord, CA in my younger days. Such a beautiful area with Monterrey and Carmel as backdrops but also some strange weather patterns.

        1. I watched a documentary on it and while there have been some developments on the property, including the school, it gave the impression that things haven’t gone smoothly. Lots of structures still standing, rotting. The land there was beautiful.

  1. It sounds like we’re having similar weather–unseasonably warm and grey. Beautiful seaside photos, I love the dramatic sunset. Happy New Year to you, Jackie, and all!

  2. Mild here, as well, 43F and foggy at 7:00 pm, English weather. A change coking this week accompanied by a few days of light snow falls. I bet Jackie makes the best gravy. I love a nice gravy. Happy New Year to you and Jackie, Derrick.

  3. A wild grey day with a hint of gold at the end, a perfect close to 2022 May 2022 be kind to you and Jackie and your family. Much love to all of you. ❤️❤️

  4. That’s a beautifully dramatic streak of sunset. It’s been strangely warm here on this side of the Atlantic, too. I’m looking forward to cooler temps Monday.

  5. The slice of evening by the seaside is symbolic of closing of the year 2021. Why, it was only yesterday that it had crept upon us! Those moody, thought-provoking photos bespeak of the ceaseless roll of time. Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

  6. Our year has begun with a clear blue sky, bright sunshine and a variety of birds calling – all happy signs. May this be a good year for you both.

  7. Cottage Pie. Yum. We always called it Shepherd’s Pie but when I Googled it, I read that Shepherd’s Pie is supposed to be made with lamb. Had never heard that before. You always make me hungry for whatever you are dining on…Happy New Year, Derrick.

  8. Looking out to sea, IMO, shows the extreme power that lurks within the waves. Between the ocean and skies, we can see how magnificent this world really is. Thank you.

  9. Happy New Year, Derrick and Jackie.

    Much as the warmth is good for the heating bills, a crisp sunny day would have been more fitting for the end of 2021.

    I was disturbed to read about the path needing to be brought in as the edge of the cliff crumbles into the sea.

  10. That streak of gold is compelling. We’ve set high temperature records here, as well, but that’s all coming to an end tonight. Just now it’s 98F in far south Texas, and 10F with wind chills of -10F in the Panhandle. We call these fronts blue northers, and it’s going to be blue here in the morning!

  11. Happy New Year Derrick and Jacqui

    Revaltively hot here, although I’ve not gone outside since early morning rather thought pu aircon late morning and it’s just right indoors.
    The sun piercing down as evident by a photo on local fb page of someone who got somewhat burnt. Said she had sunblock on but maybe wrong type.
    I’m working on dealing with my current health issues, so don’t need sun burn!

  12. I sure enjoyed that walk. I understand concern about the sea’s power and the crumbling eges of land. The same happens here, and also people entering
    waves without knowledge of what is coming, or standing too close when king tides arrive or the seas is riled up and more portent in action. I love the sunset slicing slate skies. :).
    Cold in Oregon–29 degrees F. We hit the payground with grand-twins–for 20 minutes—yikes. We still have snow form Christmas. NOT usual, really.

  13. I’m glad I’m taking time tonight to read past posts that I missed. Your alliteration in this post was magnificent… a wordsmith, indeed! I loved seeing again this scene with the changing huts. Ah yes, great shots, Derrick. Happy New Year!

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