This afternoon I posted

Jackie is feeling rather better today, but we thought it wise to stay indoors.

I read more of ‘Bleak House’ and scanned another set of the inimitable Charles Keeping’s illustrations to my Folio Society edition.

‘Mr Snagsby at his door’

‘ ‘Don’t leave the cat there’ ‘

‘My Lady lounges’

‘I saw Mr Guppy looking up at me’

‘Old Mr Turveydrop, in the full lustre of his Deportment’

In the early days Charles Dickens wrote under the pen name of Boz, and facetiously signed his letters ‘The Inimitable Boz’. I had not known that when first applying that epithet to Charles Keeping.

This evening we dined on Red Chilli’s excellent takeaway fare. We both enjoyed Ponir Tikka starters, a plain paratha, and egg fried rice; my main course was tiger prawn dhansak while Jackie’s was chicken sag. I drank more of the Appassimento.


  1. While the illustrations are excellent, most of his ladies look the same: dark-haired and petulant. Glad that Jackie is feeling better.

  2. Hi – glad Jackie is on the mend and hope she is 100% soon.
    and I was so excited to see bleak house has made it to the derrick queue and see it has been here already – so I will look for back posts
    and Derrick – really enjoyed learning Dickens used “The Inimitable Boz” – thanks for adding that too

  3. Give Jackie my best and to take care.
    I never read Bleak House, so thanks for taking the time to give us the sketches.

  4. The illustration of Mr Snagsby at his door, is definitely my favourite today Derrick, and it’s nice to hear that Jackie is getting betterer …

  5. Poor kitty cat. I always enjoy Keeping’s flowing lines as in “My Lady lounges.” I’m glad Jackie is feeling better.

  6. One of my favorite musicians is Boz Scaggs. I’d never heard about Boz Dickens! A little research revealed that “Boz” was a nickname in both cases: very interesting.

  7. I learned something new here. I did not know Dickens wrote under a pen name in his early days.

    I am glad Jackie feels better, and that she stayed in today to rest a little more.

  8. I am going to have a look for some Appassimento vino over here. It sounds interesting. How would you describe the taste of the one you have been imbibing?

    1. First – it is Italian which should appeal to you. It is powerfully rich and fruity with a slight bitterness which appeals to me and makes it a good accompaniment to strong stews and hot curries. Thanks very much, Yvonne

          1. Now that is good news. I’m glad her asthma has eased off enough to do the shopping.

            I discovered even slight breathing problems and masks are not good bed fellows!

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