A Garden Walk

This warm and sunny afternoon I took a walk around the garden with my camera.

Two days ago Martin had returned to work in the garden after a three week Covid isolation period following a positive test. He began work on the west side of the Back Drive, then

cut the long overdue grass.

I also photographed the still blooming winter flowering cherry; a golden euphorbia; glowing hellebores and daffodils; an upright hyacinth and muscari; two of our many camellias; clumps of tulips and primroses, and

the Brick and Gazebo Paths.

This evening, after snacking on pasties, Becky, Ian, and I will set off to Christchurch’s Regent Theatre to watch https://www.themanfreds.com

Should anyone wish to follow this link, my old friend Tom is in the centre of the header picture.

I will report on the event tomorrow.


  1. The beauties are back. Yay! Especially love the golden euphorbia 🙂 Glad to hear that Martin has survived his bout of the coronavirus. By the way, whatever happened to Aaron?

  2. Martin is doing a great job – Aaron would be jealous.
    I followed the link and read their home page. Looking forward to your review!

  3. The garden is looking gorgeous.
    Lovely to see the images of the Manfreds again. I loved their music.
    Enjoy the show – though when you read this it will be the morning after.

  4. All of your garden poses and smiles for you! Even the owls I spotted! 🙂
    The Manfreds! Enjoy the concert! 🙂 YAY for Tom! 🙂
    I look forward to hearing about the concert! 🙂
    “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”-“Mighty Quinn” (((HUGS))) 😀

  5. I remember you writing about Tom McGuiness in another post. I hope you enjoyed the concert (ha ha said the clown 🙂 ).
    And your garden never stopped blooming – hardly seems credible that it is now putting on its spring coat.

    1. Thanks very much, Gwen. I must put that earlier post into A Knight’s Tale. We had an enjoyable, if brief, meeting during the interval of the excellent concert.

  6. The flowers and garden are beautiful, Derrick and Jackie! I am glad Martin is better now.

    You are well connected musically, Derrick, and I will check out The Manfreds. If I remember right, didn’t you grow up near Sandy Denny, too?

  7. Your garden’s bosom can never be devoid of floral opulence. Those are wonderful specimens of Nature’s bounties captured by your third eye.

  8. Derrick, nice to see the garden, especially when it’s snowing here. Loved the long shots with your home as backdrop. Looking forward to the review.

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