Too Close

This morning I posted

After lunch Jackie and I took a forest drive through Beachern Wood to Ober Corner where

ponies and their foals rested in the still overcast and humid atmosphere.

One suckler was welcomed – anther was given a clear message that he was getting too close.

I walked through the woodland to

the now shallow Ober Water.

Some tree roots are very exposed.

Another holds a sign rigidly in position – I think it reads Special Place.

Ponies on Rhinefield Road at the approach to Brockenhurst seemed to wonder what our problem was.

Ian returned to his home in Southbourne this afternoon so he was unable to partake of Jackie’s succulent beef pie; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; boiled potatoes; and tender runner beans with meaty gravy with which she drank more of the Entre-Deux-Mers, Flo drank elderflower cordial and I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2019.

I do hope he managed to see the highlights of the second day of the third Test between England and New Zealand, which I did.


  1. Such a lovely account of the forest and life within it today.
    Your ‘action shots’ of the beautiful ponies are fantastic – especially when combined with your commentary!
    I do wonder what the story behind the ‘special place’ sign is… and hope it’s a happy one.

  2. Love the last three photos with the whit horse in the foreground.

    I didn’t find any elderflower cordial but I did find some organic elderflower and elderberry teas which is better on these chilly evenings. Taste good too. After watching videos on google we bought an elderflower plant and potted it behind the smaller potted herbs – so I can move them when seasons change again. It may never produce enough flowers for cordial I should be able to make a tea or two… some day. 🙂

  3. Your photos of ‘nature’s tree root tunnels’ are fascinating Derrick .. I wonder what magical mysteries live in nature’s caverns ..

  4. I’m wondering who lives under those roots, and I LOVE that people brought chairs for pony watching. Makes sense to me! That decaying trunk would make a great planter if you could only get it home.

  5. Ponies seem content to be on their patch of land on which humans are intermittent visitors. I have a feeling they generally believe in peaceful coexistence except for undue competition for stretches of roads. Your photos have captured the idea time and again along with excellent portraits of the equine society.

    1. Mares are pretty quick to fend off an interloper, or tell junior he has had enough for now, and mom needs some ‘me time’.

  6. Too many beautiful shots to pick a favorite. I love the mother and foals photos and the shimmering reflections and the forest. . .Beautiful lighting. I’m intrigued by the “special place.”

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