No-one Told The Ponies

This morning Jackie and I transported another car load of garden refuse to the recycling centre then continued into the forest for a short drive.

The Pilley Community Shop has moved along the road to the Community Centre.

Ponies, including a young one, are still congregating outside. It seems that no-one has told the animals.

What, we wonder is the attraction of brick walls to these creatures?

The recent rain has not added any water to the lake along

Jordan’s lane.

The still dry bed is surrounded by signs of early autumn,

although ponies on the level above find some nourishment as they blend with turning leaves.

This evening we dined on a variety of pizzas and fresh salad with which Jackie drank more of the French white wine, Flo and Dillon drank Ribena, and I drank more of the Shiraz.


  1. Perhaps someone there usually hands out carrots? I love the way the ponies edge into the villages.

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      1. To Shoreacres – Again, thank you very much for your advice.

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            I’m hoping the next update gets rid of the bugs. Thank you very much, Linda.

  2. The recent rains haven’t added water … I am all too familiar with that problem. We are experiencing some fairy light rain (fairy – as in very light; almost delicate) tonight which is serving to freshen the air and is doing an excellent job of watering the lawn and my seedlings – perhaps even filling the bird baths (I will see in the morning), but it isn’t nearly enough to cause run-off or to seep into the ground … still, we remain grateful.

  3. Beautiful animals. Love their coat, shiny and smooth. I am sorry about the dryness of the land. Pitiful! We need rain too, the grass is dying in several areas. The weather man has pacifier in his mouth, and won’t talk much about rain. period! But, fortunately, the temperatures are more tolerable.

  4. Someone who speaks Equine should tell them! 😉 😀
    That young pony has such a sweet face! 🙂
    That last photo of ponies and autumn leave is so beautiful! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…We’re gonna’ make a homemade veggie thin-crust pizza for our meal tonight. 🙂

  5. I wonder if the ponies are doing the same thing butterflies do: using the brick for the salts or minerals that collect on the surface. Especially in your heat, that might be a possibility — like the salt blocks put out for cattle.

  6. Your photo of the ponies gathering at the letterbox and the Community Shop are intriguing Derrick … I’ll file them … I have some interesting thoughts already …

  7. Iwonder if the ponies are attracted to the cooler temperature of the brick walls ~ ~ Your lakes look like our rivers, the source of all the water for the Western US — Hopefully the rains will begin early this year, and will be the soaking kind of rain rather than flooding the countryside!

        1. I didn’t realise that. Does that also include fresh orange? I usually have a glass every morning with breakfast. Thank you very much, Sheree.

  8. I am frighening , Derrick, to see the dry bed of a river and I wonder what the ponies will eat this autumn ?
    My oldest daugter , the “Duchess” owns 7 horses and starts to be interrogative !
    In friendship

  9. It will take many rains to fill the ponds up again. It may take the ponies a while to figure out the source of handouts has moved, although there will probably be another shop of some sort there before long.

    1. Thanks very much, Lavinia. The shop was leasehold in an extension the owners of which, on expiry of the lease, have applied to return the building to residential use.

  10. What secret communion the ponies and cattle could be holding with walls and similar stationary objects has been a perpetual wonder to me too. Crisp and clear photos, as usual.

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