“You Will Appear In Lots Of Photographs”

Early this morning I watched recordings of the Women’s Rugby World Cup matches between New Zealand and Scotland, and between Australia and Wales.

Before this balmy midday Jackie drove us to Tesco for shopping, and on to a forest drive.

The pannage pigs we encountered just outside Burley were Oxford Sandy and Blacks, silently rooting acorns from beneath heaps of fallen leaves.

Further on into the village a cyclist resting on a bench in Pound Lane became the accidental centre of attention for

groups of visitors focussing on wandering ponies.

He was very happy when I quipped “You will appear in lots of photographs”.

As so often, ponies and a foal wandered about the village car park.

This year, possibly, we thought, because of the long summer heat wave drying the soil to the consistency of rock, there has been a dearth of mushrooms in the woodlands, which are now receiving life-giving rainfall.

A cluster around a group of birch trunks in Beechwood Lane is the first such quantity we have seen.

This evening we dined on meaty roasted chicken thighs; crisp Yorkshire pudding; crunchy carrots; firm cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, with tasty onion gravy. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Shiraz.


  1. Those beautifully coloured pigs blend in well with the autumnal leaves at their feet; the young girl’s top matches her feet very well too. I particularly enjoy the photograph of the fungus.

  2. You always make your meals sound so tasty. At first I thought the pig in that second pig photowas covered with stars…Look quickly at it and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. Ha! What you said to the cyclist is so great and brings smiles! He seems to be popular with the ponies! He looks like a fun guy! 😉 😀 And speaking of fungi…Ha! great mushrooms photo!
    Phenomenal photos of piggly pigs ‘n’ pretty ponies! 🙂
    Love that little girl’s “Always be you” top and matching shoes! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️

  4. Yes, we’ve had plenty of “”life-giving rainfall” up here too. Roads have been flooded and traffic brought to a temporary stop. So many extremes in the climate nowadays!

      1. If that’s meant for me, I’m not Liz. And no: I intended nothing except a word of appreciation for both the cyclist and the girl. Well, and the pony, who’s also quite handsome.

  5. It’s both unusual and wonderful to have ponies, donkeys, and pigs wandering free around town and country. I’m glad the culture there appreciates them, or at least accepts them. Nice combination of birch, moss and mushrooms.

  6. I thought I’d already commented. Obvisously I hadn’t.
    I love the cyclist – he seems quite happy and totally unconcerned about the extra attention from both two legged and four!

  7. Beautiful photos. I especially like the colors of the pigs in the autumn light.

    Your title sounds like a fortune cookie, and I wondered who the you would be. ?

  8. Those are handsome spotted pannage pigs, Derrick! So that breed is called Oxford Sandy and Blacks. Thank you for identifying them. It looks like life in your area, including the mushrooms, is getting back to normal after the summer heat.

  9. I always love seeing those spotted pigs! Your meal sounded delicious, Derrick… and I thought it was fun to learn you had Shiraz with your meal tonight I did, too!!

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