A City Of Fungi

Yesterday I mentioned that Jackie and I had taken a forest drive which I would feature today.

This is that drive.

On Cadnam Lane we were subject to the scrutiny of donkeys on Country Watch. Like police officers on surveillance one was fixed on the suspects while the other was taking a rest.

Further along we encountered the first of what would be a number of donkey foals we would meet on our drive.

Ponies foraged along both sides of the verges at Furzey.

Cattle and ponies shared the pasturage of Penn Common;

I walked along the road towards Bramshaw to investigate a distant group of ponies and flock of sheep.

A slow moving tractor with its lights flashing came into view before I reached my targets.

Outside Bramshaw we noticed what Jackie termed 

a city of fungi perched in tiers on the sides of the cliffside roots of 

a recently fallen tree still bearing 

penknife graffiti which will merge into the soil sooner than if its carved bark had remained on a living tree.

This afternoon Becky drove Flo and Ellie to her home at Southbourne, where they will spend a day or two.

Jackie and I then dined at The Red Lion in Pilley. My choice was a rib eye steak, and Jackie’s a Cajun chicken burger. Each with all the trimmings was excellent. Drinks were Diet Pepsi and Ringwood’s Best respectively.


  1. Both the photos of the ‘donkeys standing guard’ and the ‘fungi city’ are fascinating and well worth placing into my “Derrick File”

  2. So many beautiful photos–the expression of the undercover donkey detectives, the city of fungi, and the bark graffiti are all fascinating. I think my favorites though are the three in a row photos–the two cattle (white one wearing black spats), and the white horse who seems to be posing for a portrait. The light is beautiful.

  3. I’m thinking the donkey foal must have a wet coat; it surely is cute, with that fuzzy coat. The photo of the sole white horse is especially nice, but I rather enjoyed the pair of white and red cows striding along so purposefully. As for Spud — there’s a police department in San Augustine, Texas, that had a guinea pig as a mascot. It was named Spud because of its resemblance to a good-sized baked potato.

  4. The city of fungi is really reminiscent of some of the photos one sees of Japanese and Chinese villages built on cliffsides — a very apt comment! I love that you can seemingly take off in any direction you wish and drive past feral ponies! What a wonderful tradition!

  5. My two favorites our of this group are the cows, who look to be striding so purposefully, and the white pony, which looks to be emerging from a fairy tale.

  6. I love the animals you encounter along these forest drives, Derrick and Jackie. The mushrooms do resemble a city on a hillside. That was a nice find! That fallen tree might have lived longer without graffiti carved into its bark. Wounds like that allow pathogens in which weaken the tree.

  7. I chuckled at myself getting excited by the title of this post and then seeing the pretty donkey. I love how you appreciate the natural world around you and share it with us.

  8. You have chosen an apt title – and in typical fashion made us wait before you revealed it! It is worth the wait though for I enjoyed the entertainment along the way.

  9. Fungi City is so interesting and beautiful! I bet fun abounds! 😉 😀
    What a lovely drive! And the equine and bovine friends you met along the way are divine!!! 😉
    You know I loves the donkeys! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️

  10. I know i always compliment your posts, especially if they have my ponies and other animals in it – BUT – this is OUTSTANDING. Each picture is incredibly!

  11. OMG that first photo is hilarious! The “YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!” sign with the donkey looking AND your commentary – that’s good stuff. And that baby donkey! So sweet. The city of fungi reminds me of photos my architect daughter sent me of villages on a cliff in Italy.

  12. As if being watched stealthily wasn’t spooky enough, there seems to be an entire equine army in various states action and somnolence doing the honour. They have been captured magnificently and are a sight to behold, as is the city of fungi. People etch their names and messages on stationary structures to lend immortality to their feelings. Sadly, it is an illusion but.

  13. I do love those beautifully composed studies of the New Forest’s creatures. You’ve caught thecaytumn colours so delicately too.

  14. Nice ride. Thanks for sharing. I still have to find my way to your new blog. Your Gravatar still sends to the old one. You might want to change that.
    Cheers Derrick.

    1. Thanks very much, Brian. That should have been corrected yesterday. Jetpack was sending people to the old site

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