A Damp Drive

On another day of gales, gloom, and bursts of weak sunshine our brief forest drive took us along

Bisterne Close,

with its glistening autumn leaves soaking on soggy verges;

its mossy rooted and speckled lichen coated trees;

other one-eyed specimens with fanged exposed roots rising from ancient hedgerows;

a Magnum mushroom;

and bedraggled ponies wandering across into the woodland.

On the outskirts of Burley I disturbed a herd of fearful deer who didn’t know which way to run.

A so often when we dine beneath heavy rain beating on our Velux window overhead with gale force winds gusting outside, we blessed Barry for sealing our kitchen extension roof after several others had failed. Tonight’s meal consisted of pork spare ribs in sweet barbecue sauce with Jackie’s flavoursome savoury rice and tender green beans, accompanied by more of the Cabernet Sauvignon for her, and of the Bordeaux for me.


  1. Poor drenched ponies. The meal sounds perfect for a rainy day. The news said this morning that we are having a bumper crop of white acorns this year. Thought of your pannage piggies. When are they through for the year? ???

  2. It’s good that your weather has turned from those strong winds to rain — we are beginning to get a little rain this week, with snow and heavy winds (170 mph!) on our mountains — very welcome after the heat we had this summer!

  3. I love your tree photos, they are beautiful and have a real personality! A sealed roof is always a beautiful thing on a rainy, gusty day. Stay warm, guys. ☺️??

  4. Velux windows are marvellous for making every rain shower sound like Noah’s Flood has returned. Mind you, the last two or three days have been really wet, wet, wet.

  5. Shame about the weather – but it is November after all – and you sound cosily ‘ensconced.’ (Dare I say that, here in Spain, the sky was cloudless blue and the sun shone all day.) Cheers.

  6. Thank goodness for Barry and his good work!
    Even in the midst of the stormy rainy windy weather you always find natures gems to photograph! 🙂
    The “showered” pony looks like it’s a “bad hair day” ’cause of the weather, but what beautiful hair! 🙂
    We had some rain storms last week and even a bit of snow. Not as much snow as was predicted. But I enjoyed seeing it dance down quietly and well-choreographed! 😉
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  7. Interesting roots and leaves. Your focus clarifies and enhances natural works of art. I hope the pony and deer find comfort and rest.

  8. We’re also having a much-needed spell of rain here. But, I don’t enjoy the gloomy sky and dampness. You and Jackie do well to venture out for a forest drive in such weather 🙂

  9. What weather you’ve been having. Those bedraggled ponies certainly tell the story. And yay for Barry! How miserable it would have been to have that window leak.

  10. Seems you’re having enough rain to make up for your dry spell this past summer. We’re having very strange weather for this time of the year with 80 F days, Next week the predictions are 29 F.

  11. The colouring of the almost charcoal grey pony is quite stunning.

    Don’t you just love that cosy feeling of being warm and dry when listening to the rain on the velux windows. And in your case relief!

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