Pattering Precipitation

Jackie has recovered well enough this afternoon to drive Dillon and Flo to a couple of shops where they made purchases while she waited in the car.

Despite the forecast for snow

the early morning frost was largely washed away by a later sleet storm, so the post prandial precipitation pattering upon glistening fallen leaves dripped not from the now clearer skies but, when slithered into sufficient pendulous weight. directly from

glittering crab apples and

rose hips;

spiky leaves of bottle brush,

softer ones from other trees,

and shivering rose petals.

Later Shelly visited bringing a delicious beef stew for our dinner this evening. All I needed to do was to prepare potatoes, runner beans, carrots, and broccoli. Jackie then heated everything, or, as she said, “orchestrate[d] it”. I finished the Malbec with mine.


  1. I love those crab apple pix. I haven’t even seen any crab apples since I was a kid. The church down the street had crab apple trees, and we used to climb them and bite into the fruit (and often spit it out).

  2. Delightful captures of the precipitation drops, Derrick. The last one of the shivering rose is a stand out. Good news that Jackie is back feeling much better and able to orchestrate the finishing touches on the evening meal.

  3. Hi Derrick – although the ice storms do damage to the flowers and leaves and sometimes the trees, the icy coverings are pretty. I like your alliteration! 🙂

  4. I’m glad to hear that Jackie felt well enough for a brief outing today. Thank you for the new word: “prandial.” I’ve never encountered it before today. I love the artistry in today’s photos, particularly the bottle brush and the rose.

  5. I am so so SO glad Jackie is able to drive, and orchestrate, again!!!!! YAY!!! for her feeling better! ❤️ (I am hearing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ from Handel’s Messiah play in my head! 🙂 )

    Perfect post pinpointing pretty post prandial participation patterning photos! 😀 (Nature knows how to decorate beauty and make it even more beautiful! And you know how to photograph it so beautifully, Derrick!!!)

    The hearty beef stew and veggies sounds comforting and healing and yummy! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. Such good news that Jackie is feeling better.
    I like the sound of the evening meal. Isn’t it wonderful when family rally round?

  7. It’s freezing rain here too today. Reminds me of why I don’t like the climate in London. I got rheumatism as a child there from sleeping in the cold and damp.

  8. I do enjoy frosted and iced flowers (or leaves, or limbs) and there are some lovely images here. I’m glad Jackie got out today, too. I wish the two of you could have shared my afternoon on Galveston: brunch with friends, sunshine and warmth, and near-shore waters filled with surfers!

  9. Very fine feeling favourably conveyed in wonderfully wet windows onto weeping plants in your finely focused garden photos and amusing alliterations.

  10. You not only treated us to a feast of iages, but waxed lyrical in your prose, as a bonus.

    Don’t let Jackie do too much until she is fully recovered, please. <3

  11. I’m so happy Jackie is feeling better!
    Ice can be so dangerous and so beautiful. Your photos reflect the beauty, and I enjoyed your alliterative descriptions.?

  12. It is good to hear Jackie is feeling better and is up and about! The photos are lovely, Derrick. Raindrops hang like tiny jewels on everything, waiting for sun when they will sparkle in prismatic brilliance before disappearing.

  13. Can’t decide which I enjoyed the most today, your shivering images or your poetic prose! So glad Jackie is doing better. Hug her for me!!

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