More Pictures Recovered

This morning Shelly visited to bring us two more plug-in heaters sent by Helen.

I spent the afternoon watching TV broadcasts of the Six Nations rugby tournament matches between Wales and Ireland and between England and Scotland.

Later, with the advice and guidance of SueW I recovered pictures that had been lost from the following posts:

This evening we dined on more of yesterday’s wholesome, stewp.


  1. Yopu have been working very hard to recover the missing pictures. What will you do with all of the finished blog posts? Will they go onto an external hard drive?

    1. My immediate thought, my friend, Tootlepedal. I have to admit that Scotland deserved the win. Thanks a lot

  2. I’m similar to Ivor. Instead of just homing in on the image links to recover photos, I’m reading every post all over again! It’s a bit like picking up an old newspaper to help with packing up dishes to move house, and then ending up reading it instead.

    1. Thank you so much, Anne. They have to be manually one by one, so I appreciate your understanding of that

  3. Somehow, infants always want to eat when everyone is settled around the table. I wonder if they can smell the food. Anyway, lots of helpers for that sweet little baby.

  4. Congrats on moving to a newer, bigger, more accommodating site, Derrick. It seems like your move went smoothly. Don’t forget to change the URL address on your avatar so that we’re sent to the new site when we click on you. 🙂

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