Droll Tales 7

“The Maid of Thilhouse”, as entitled by the first two publishers featured below, becomes “The Virgin of Thilhouse” to the third.

This is the story a far older wealthy man who sought to purchase a sixteen year old bride with bribery and property; this rather backfired on him. A short piece nevertheless packed with witty prose.

Here is Mervyn Peake’s illustration.

These are those of Gustave Doré;

and this one by Jean de Bosschère.

Further details of each of these publications is given in https://derrickjknight.com/2023/01/06/droll-tales-1/


    1. I am, too, Merril. Today’s Gustave Doré strikes me as quite beautiful. Before I read you comment, I was wondering about the illustrations’ relationship to the text and the overall effect on the reader.

  1. Jean de Bosschère mustc have been a lively fellow, if the amount of clothing worn by his model is anything to go on. I bet his wife kept him on a tight leash!

    1. An interesting link, Quercus. Others, like Enid Blyton have gone before, subjected to the thought police. Thanks very much

      1. In 50 years time will all this sensitivity be seen as a good thing, or just a distraction? I see “fat” is no longer allowed in Dahl books, and I was told off by NHS personnel for describing myself as “fat” recently. It seems I’m “overweight” opr “obese”. I still need to lose weight whatever you call it. At one point I would have been quite blunt about this, but now I probably have to describe it as a load of “testicles”.

        1. You would be amazed at the adoption candidates called “obese” by the Medical Officers when I chaired Adoption Panels

  2. I appreciate all three artists, each with his own distinct style, but Mervyn Peake’s illustration to this part impressed me the most. The other two are very beautiful, of course.

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