Facilitating Enlargement

spent much of the day recovering the pictures, including headers, to the following posts:

The first two of these have now been recategorised as Garden.

What I have discovered is that these very early posts, originally prepared with the Classic Editor, bear the statement Nothing Here when, in edit mode, I click on them to enlarge them, so, in order to make that possible I am converting them to Blocks. This, hopefully means that viewers should be able to enlarge them should they so wish.

This evening we all dined at Lal Quilla. My main course was Chicken Jaljala; Jackie’s Lal Quilla Special; Dillon’s Chicken Dansahk; and Flo’s Chicken Makhani. We shared rices, peshwari naan, and sag paneer. Jackie, Dillon and I drank Kingfisher, Flo J20 and Mango Lassi, which was one of the flavours Ellie enjoyed. The service and food was as excellent as ever.


  1. More good work done on your blog!
    YAY for mango lasso! Flo and Ellie have good taste!
    YAY YAY YAY for excellent food, service, and meal companions! Precious memories made!
    (((HUGS))), hearts, and smiley faces!!!

  2. I so wish I could enjoy your choice of food – no accounting for taste as they say!
    I hope you’re all enjoying the return of a warm house.

  3. You are becoming quite the expert on this topic of recovery and enlargement. I like the photos of the white feather, mushrooms, underpass, and the wheel on the wall. I stayed away from the vertigo post.

    1. I had to leave WordPress because I used up too much space with photographs. The migration process took months and many pictures were lost. Thank you very much, Luisa.

  4. Sadly local restaurant where we could have dined as you did has closed. My grandson’s favorite was always the mango lassi too. I guess we will have to check out a book on this kind of cooking and give it a try ourselves. You have made me crave it!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on what I may happen if classic editor ever goes away. You have gone through so much work. You all needed a good night out!

  6. Indian cuisine is one that I very rarely partake in. I should more often!
    So, if I understand correctly, you are in the process of upgrading or older posts?

    1. I am, Dale. It has been a lengthy saga, following migration from WP which has not gone at all smoothly. Thanks very much

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