A Model Driver

With the silence of the morning of warm sunshine belying the chill of the crisp air disturbed only by

the screeching of nesting jackdaws taking up their annual residence in the disused chimney pots, the flapping wings of wood pigeons engaged in the usual ceremonial ritual of chase and feigned refusal, and other males’ familiar courting cries of “U-ni-ted” resounding in the distance, I wandered among the garden shadows,

focussing on a variety which are entitled in the gallery.

Afterwards I recovered the pictures to the following posts:

The first of these required the Attempt Block Recovery route; the other two, Convert to Blocks. If nothing else, these variations keep my brain agile – sort of.

This afternoon, on a forest drive, attracted by the

collection of ancient steam rollers at the entrance to Springhill Nurseries on Shirley Holmes, I almost missed

the model driver and her equally glamorous passenger gracing the truck behind the largest rusting vehicle.

Becky and Ian joined us later and, with three mothers in our party on Mothers’ Day, we all dined at Lal Quilla, where we enjoyed the usual ambience, service, friendly staff, and excellent food. My main course was lamb pathia and I drank Kingfisher. I am now past detailing further details of who ate and drank what.


  1. A friend who taught photography used a technique he called “24’s”. It involved taking 24 shots of the same object from different angles, and was originated when camera film was still in vogue — 24 shots was the smallest roll of color film one could buy. Your steam roller shots would make the beginning of a great “24!”

    1. Thanks very much, Janet. The benefit of today, of course, is that we can take as many shots as we like without worrying about the cost of a new film.

  2. I’ve been seeing posts from the UK all day, so happy Mother’s Day to the three mothers in your group. I’m sure it was a delicious dinner!

    I really like the photo of the jackdaws, and I like how you caught so many different shadows. The “model driver” and passenger are something from a horror story. Creepy!

    1. They are rather creepy, like those Victorian realistic baby dolls. Thanks very much, Merril

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms in your family! ❤️ Especially to “new” mom Flo!
    Happy Mother’s Day to Jackie, too!
    Love the light and shadows artwork created by nature!
    Good to see water-boy and an owl and OH! on the shadow-leaf in the tub! Beautiful!
    HA on the model driver title! Glamorous passenger, indeed! Eek!
    We used to have a neighbor who put a mannequin standing in a second floor window of their house around Halloween time. It was a bit creepy to see her looking down on! At first glance, she looked to real…too real!

  4. Wonderful shadow shots and those models are, well… something else!
    Happy Mother’s Day to the mums in your group. We have to wait till May 🙂

  5. I enjoyed all the shadows. The model driver and her passenger seem lost among the rusty old vehicles. Maybe they took a wrong turn into the Twilight Zone. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. I spent the day helping my son pack up his house in preparation for his move to Scotland – would far rather have enjoyed a day like yours!

  7. I hope the ladies had a lovely, relaxed Mothering Sunday.

    I should know this, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the reason behind converting the ‘Classic’ Posts into Blocks!

    1. It seems the easiest way to make it possible for readers to enlarge the pictures, and for me to add a header – with the bonus of tiled galleries. Otherwise if I click on a picture to do anything with it I get “Nothing Here”

  8. Wonderful pictures of early spring, especially the one of the curled leaf. But boy oh boy that mannequin is creepy. Nice for all the mothers to go out for a meal. A very happy Mother’s Day to them.

  9. I am going to go see what kind of bird is the jackdaw. I have only heard the word in Dylan Thomas’ poetry and never had the chance to see what it looks like. OK. Through the marvel of modern technology I have been and come back with the understanding that they look like little crows. Do they sound the same?

    1. Yes – they are similar, Elizabeth. They have a reputation for stealing glittery objects

  10. That was a unique find, the model driver and passenger! I join Dolly in wishing a happy Mother’s Day to Jackie and all. Our Mother’s Day here is not until May 14th.

  11. I so love those rusty vehicles. Their inflatable occupants remind me of that famous episode from Only Fools and Horses.

  12. Oh my, really? You are “… now past detailing … who ate and drank what” ?? But, that’s been your pattern for over a decade. You really expect us to let you stop there?? Putting that habit into the shadows now? Well, your shadow photos give that habit some beautiful hiding places.

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