Narcissism Personified

We enjoyed glorious sunshine throughout this rather warmer day, beginning with a drive into the forest.

A trio of ponies cropped the verge of Burley’s Bennett’s Lane, until approached by a horse and rider.

A jogger had paused asking me if I wanted to take a picture. Not wishing to disturb her rhythm, I waved her on.

Just around the corner more ponies, one seemingly narcissism personified, carried out further roadside maintenance.

At the end of Bennett’s Lane we turned into Mill Lane, where Jackie parked and I wandered past the house to the left of this picture, admiring its

garden’s display of daffodils.

My target was a reflecting pool above which pussy willows burgeoned, and beside which lichen-covered twigs littered the turf.

Residents here enjoyed spacious, colourful, landscapes.

While I wandered, Jackie photographed a weather vane bearing a dog she thought might be a Labrador.

A string of horses stretched across the road beside the junction at Burley War Memorial were oblivious of the traffic tearing down the hill to the left of the picture. As Jackie drove up the slope a motorcycle sped past on the opposite side. It would have needed to avoid the leading equine.

We ventured out again this afternoon. Almost every verge has its carpet of primroses, celandines, as in Sandy Down,

and daffodils, as in Church Lane, Boldre.

A few sleepy ponies waited for a bus on Jordan’s Lane, Pilley;

others played with the traffic.

From her spot at the end of the road, Jackie watched me communing with the ponies,

and recorded her discovery of the reason that so many road signs are bent.

This evening we reprised yesterday’s pasta arrabbiata and runner beans with more of the same beverages.


  1. What a fun set of photos! I am still amazed at the open range like distribution of the equines, who obviously own the right of ways. Especially enjoyed the photographic evidence of the sign bending culprits and Jackie’s capture of you between the two ponies.

  2. I’m jealous of how much you get to roam around with the ponies and other livestock on such beautiful days as this.
    I think Jackie’s right, that vane does look like a Labrador.

  3. Hello, hello ! The onset of spring looks mighty fine in your neck of the woods. Fabulous to have enough space to let a field of daffodil naturalize. I bet the ponies would find them pretty tasty. They really do have the run of the place don’t they? It’d really be odd to see that here, I’m sure it’d be on the nightly news, LOL. I think it’s great that they find places for a little scratch, even if it does mean you get a bent sign, how funny ! Well bless them for keeping the shoulder of the road looking perfectly manicured, that’s handy. In my silliness, I wondered who’s job it was to pick up the poo’s, ha! At least it’d be a job! We’re not into spring yet here, super windy today with spots of rain/snow mix, so a visit to your lovely spot was quite refreshing, cheers xK

  4. What a wonderful gallery –
    I agree with the pony’s view of his shadow – he is totally adorable – and your header shot does him fine justice!
    Jackie’s shot of the lofty lab is beautiful, set against that clear blue sky.
    Such an inspiring Spring post – tomorrow must be an ‘outside day’ for me!!

  5. It looks like spring has arrived in your part of the world — how beautiful it is! I love that the ponies have found a good way to scratch their itches!

  6. Beautiful photos from both you and Jackie. The assistant photographer came up with some beauties, as well as her discovery. I laughed at the pony and shadow with your comment, “one seemingly narcissism personified,” though you can hardly blame him or her. ?
    It looks like a beautiful spring day with a delicious dinner.

  7. Must be Ponies Galore Day! They are out and about and doing their thing! 😉 😛
    HA! Love your title! 🙂 We should all take time to kiss our own shadow! 😉 😀
    Beautiful reflecting pool and daffodil photos, Derrick!
    Oh, Jackie, what a beautiful photo of the weather-vane…a lab, indeed! Your photos of the pony-antics are fabulous (Hey, when ya’ got an itch! 😮 😛 )…as are your photos of The Great Photographer communing with the ponies! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  8. Those were actually put up as back-scratchers. Enterprising humans decided to avail themselves of the chance to double-purpose them as road signs.

  9. I’ve never seen ponies or horses in the neighbourhood. Kangaroos would be more like it of late but just as the flood waters are receding, they are returning to the edge of the bush-land.

    Laughed out loud at the ponies waiting for a bus. 🙂

  10. A lovely day here too, though still breezy, but unlike you there were no ponies to photograph and even the ones over the lane have gone walkabout in the farthest fields. Lovely images, Derrick, from both of you.

    1. The ponies have the right of way – since centuries before emergency medical vehicles existed – but, I have to say I have never seen them holding up such traffic, which is interesting in itself. Thanks very much, Jill.

  11. The ponies seem to be enjoying the spring sunshine. As for me, I love the pussywillows; they remind me of the magic of childhood, so pretty and fuzzy.

  12. No wonder the road signs are bent! Those ponies love a good scratch on them. I enjoyed all the photos from your lovely day out with Jackie. You both captured the day very well!

  13. That is a rejuvenating outing yet again yielding fruitful images. So it was none other than the equines tampering with the road signs all this while? Maybe they are scornful of the people who need such indicators!

    1. Quite possibly, Uma. The most helpful signs for ponies are the wooden posts announcing the entrances to the forest – just the right height for what is known as bum-flossing. Thanks very much.

  14. You’ve collected a wonderful collection of humor, adventure, and loveliness. It seems there’s a need for many signs that say: Drive Slowly. Watch out for Ponies!

  15. Spring has definitely sprung! I would think that some of those horses and ponies would recognise you by now, Derrick. I wonder how good their memories are? (Better than mine, I suspect)

  16. Good morning, {{{Derrick}}}, what a beautiful day you have there today! I love the daffodil… a perfect announcement of spring in full bloom! And I think your cover photo of the horse who looks like it is nibbling at its own shadow is particularly wonderful! Enjoy your Holy Week… I hope every day is as bright! <3

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