Good Weather For Snails

As a welcome mist of steady drizzle descended during the

morning we watched a snail slowly, steadily, slithering across the outside of a sitting room window pane,

its curved trajectory causing it to disappear from sight before reaching the lacquered handle on our left.

Shelly and Ron visited this afternoon on which we enjoyed convivial catch-up conversation.

Afterwards, prompted by a recent post from Quercus, I converted the following post from Classic to Block edit, also changing the header picture:

This evening we dined on Jackie’s colourful vegetable rice; tempura, hot a spicy, and salt and pepper prawn preparations; and spring rolls, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Fleurie.


  1. Ohhh that breakfast looks like a very British breakfast and very delicious too! That snail may have been spying on you guys, be careful. ????????????

  2. That snail is fascinating! I’ve never seen one in my garden, but I see plenty of slugs, which may be the snail’s naked cousin. Dinner sounds yummy.

  3. Good snail-weather, indeed! What beautiful snail-racing photos! Always a joy to watch them zip along! Speed doesn’t always matter…forward is forward. HA!
    Did Ellie get to watch them?
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    ORLANDO: “Of a snail?”
    ROSALIND: “Ay, of a snail, for though he comes slowly, he carries his house on his head…a better jointure, I think, than you make a woman. Besides, he brings his destiny with him.” – As You Like It – William Shakespeare

  4. That snail was really taking advantage of the wet weather. Sounds like the moisture was much needed. A perfect day for getting together with friends.

  5. Interesting photos of the snail, Derrick. I had an uncle who lived in a small country town, and he used to say “It’s so quiet out here you can hear the snails slivering up the loungeroom window”

  6. What a beautiful snail with those almost translucent eye stalks! I am glad you are getting some rain to cool things down and water the garden.

  7. When I saw this post in my Reader, I thought at first you must have visited an aquarium! I love seeing snails and spiders through glass to see their undersides.

  8. Reminded me of childhood, choosing raindrops on the window pane to see which one slid down the quickest.
    No rain here for weeks and weeks, watering a daily chore.

  9. We’re the same as Andrew, no rain here either.
    I had to smile when I saw the images of the window snails and similar looking items on your brunch plate… a new version of the continental breakfast perhaps?????

      1. I’m afraid I still don’t get your replies to my comments, so I have to revisit the post.
        I might chase it up with WordPress to find out whether the fault is at my side or yours. It’s also strange that smiley emojis end up as question marks on your site. I’ve not seen that anywhere else.

  10. I am pleased you got some steady drizzle Derrick.. Those snails can move too when the want to 🙂 Especially the shell backed kind, like the one on you window. 😀 .. I am smiling as my own movements these days have slowed down .. Not quite to the snails pace.. But not as quickly as I would like 🙂

    The gardens no doubt were thirsty…. And I am sure the snail would soon realise nothing to eat up there 🙂
    Sending Hugs your way Derrick… <3

    1. Thanks a lot, Tootlepedal. Despite the thunderstorm warnings we have had no more rain

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