There was no further rain here today, which remained warm and humid enough to induce drowsiness in

ponies and foals along Holmsley Road as we began our forest drive this morning. The miniature Highland cow wandering along the verge held us up a little as

she decided to cross the road, taking her past Jackie’s open window.

The trunk of a large tree had clearly, until sawn and cleared, spanned Wittensford Lane, the luxuriant hedgerows of which bore

an abundance of eglantine roses, elegant fingers of foxgloves, and hands of honeysuckle.

Half grown piglets pausing, paddling, to partake of muddy gazpacho soup somewhat replenished by yesterday’s rain,

dashed along the verges of Kewlake Lane.

Even one recently shorn sheep along Furzley Lane suffered the panting somnolence exhibited by the ponies earlier.

This evening we dined on racks of pork spare ribs in Maple barbecue sauce on a bed of Jackie’s colourful vegetable rice topped with a thick omelette, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Tesco finest Mendoza Malbec 2020.


    1. Strangely enough we both slept well after going to bed late, Pat. Thanks very much

  1. I especially like your header photo of the napping sheep (same expression my cat gets). 🙂
    It’s warmer and more humid than it’s been in awhile here. I think we’re about to get a thunder storm.

  2. Did you mhjave the rain we had arouind 4.00 pm? Lashing down with thunder and lightning. As fierce as I’ve ever seen in the Midlands.

  3. That tree is huge and looks very ancient. It must have been a lot of work to chainsaw it into pieces! The animals are cute even if they are hot. Jackie’s dinner sounds absolutely delicious! ❤️????????????

  4. Beautiful nature photos!
    And I love the little ones (and big ones) who are grazing, meandering, resting, and sleeping.
    I can relate to the sheep’s somnolence…(YAWN), maybe I should lay down, count sheep, and take a nap. (HA!) Sweet dreams, precious sheep!
    HA, those piggies look so content!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  5. Lovely ponies and foals. I’m suddenly very sleepy. Will need to read this again when I have trouble sleeping. . Muddy gazpacho soup sounds funny. I hope the pigs enjoyed it.

  6. What a lovely outing.
    I wonder if I’m the only one to find interesting shapes amongst the fallen tree roots. In the first image I saw a horse with white markings on its large head and next to it there were two giant rats, and one of them was hanging upside down! :))

    1. Yes – although comments have been encouraging because the amount of panting worried me. Thanks very much, Sheree

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