Antipodean Blooms

On another very hot day Jackie drove me to the dentist this morning for a satisfactory routine check up. She waited in the car park. I knew it would be a short session. She said she would expect me in half an hour. In the event I was seen early. The session lasted ten minutes. I returned to the car at precisely my appointment time. The car was empty. Jackie had nipped off to Tesco in New Milton. I stood in the sunshine for ten more minutes, until she returned thinking she was early.

I then walked around the garden with my camera.

The Félicité Perpétue rose that I featured recently was on the Back Drive. This one stretches along the front eastern fence over a budding hydrangea and a cluster of geraniums.

In the front garden this pot of diascia has survived the winter.

Flowers are now appearing on the fuchsia Delta’s Sarah to blend with the blue campanula and white Erigeron beneath;

This peony, the alliums, and the geranium Rozanne, are all of complimentary hues.

This later flowering rhododendron dances along the Cryptomeria Bed.

Today’s representative roses are golden yellow Absolutely Fabulous, white Jacqueline du Pré; mauve/pink Gertrude Jekyll; white Madame Alfred Carrière, light yellow Summer Time; and pale pink New Dawn.

All in bloom concurrently in this aerial shot are

the spiky cordyline Australis, the white flowers of our eucalyptus, the yellow bottle brush plant, and the pendulous red lamps of the Chilean Lantern tree.

Ubiquitous day lilies proliferate.

Early this evening we all met Danni, Elizabeth, Ella and Jack to enjoy Mr Pink’s fish and chips on the beach at Milford on Sea, and a very good time was had by all.


  1. I love the pot of diascia that survived the winter and the color combination of the fuchsia Delta’s Sarah and blue campanula. The alliums look magical as do so many of your flower photos.

  2. Lovely blooms…your spiky tree in bloom, commonly known here as “cabbage tree” and the frowns are a nightmare to lawnmowers…. Many died out, a while back, some type of disease.

  3. Derrick such a delight my friend… Loved walking around seeing all of your blooms the blue campanula this year is especially prevalent.. We have it growing everywhere in our border in fact I had to cut some back it was choking our other plants..
    Wonderful to see, and glad the dentist was okay and Yeah…. We got another day of Sun… And no watering this morning either as we had that downpour with the thunder storm last evening
    Have a great rest of your week Derrick <3 xx

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    I love seeing the Fuchsia Delta’s Sarah watching over/looking down on the Campanulas and Erigeron!
    Fish and chips on the beach…LOVELY!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    PS…I hope Dillon is doing well on his travels/work!

        1. No idea, Sue. I suppose I could e-mail you directly, but then they wouldn’t appear on your post?

          1. Thanks very much, Sue. I’m going to have to get James to look into this.

          2. And as you see I’ve received this one!
            I didn’t understand what they were talking about either! ???? that was a laughing face!

    1. They certainly do, Val – outdone by the Cordyline Australis, though. Thanks very much

  5. My day lilies are not out yet, despite the sun! I recokon they are waiting until we go on holiday next week.

  6. Beautiful blooms. Wish I were as fortunate with my dental appointments! hah! I miss the fish and chips from England. They have them here, but I am not sure I like them as much.

  7. The flowers are very beautiful, Derrick and Jackie. I especially love the finishing photo of the daylilies with their joyous orange trumpets. The lighting in that photo complements them nicely.

  8. With all my company last week, I am waaay behind in my reading and posting. Glad to see you”re still out and about with your dandy camera. Beautiful shots here, Derrick!

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