Let’s Extend Bedtime, Grandpa

As is customary with very small babies, Ellie took some time to feel comfortable with me. She has now taken to asking to sit on my lap by smiling, extending her hand, and taking mine in a firm grip; it has only been two days since she has been happy with neither of the ladies remaining in the room with us.

Maybe it was because yesterday was Father’s Day that she chose to spend a long session on my lap after dinner. On the other hand she can be quite crafty in her attempts to avoid bedtime.

I can’t these days make a good fist of the ride a cock horse game, but we gave it a go before

she began to chew my fingers.

Everything within reach now ends up between teeth. So it was with Louisa’s Father’s Day card grabbed from the mantelpiece. It dried out well overnight and only a couple of nibbled corners.

Not only am I now unable to access the Tiled Gallery without being forced into the basic one, but those earlier posts which I have adopted successfully have lost the tiled pictures. It looks as if I am going to have to redo those groups.

As a tester I have converted the next two I hadn’t done before:

If they work I will go back to the others and convert the image galleries.

This evening we all dined on Red Chilli’s excellent takeaway fare with which Jackie, Dillon, and I all drank Cobra. Main meals included, chicken makhani, chicken biriani, chicken dhansak, and lamb passanda; various rices and peshwari nan were shared.


  1. Ellie is so adorable, the photos are so sweet and beautiful, Derrick! Everything goes in the mouth with the babies. I’m sorry that you are having difficulty with your site again, Derrick. I would put the blame on that block editor thingy. Dinner sounds delicious! ❤️????????

  2. I have always known that Ellie is a very smart young lady. Sorry that WP continues to be uncooperative. Hope your fingers don’t get chomped by those newly minted teeth.

  3. Oh my–these photos are a delight, Derrick. I hope you’ll print at least one out to keep. How old is Ellie now? I think she must take after you in height.

    Sorry about your continued WP problems. Ughhhh!

    1. Thank you very much, Merril. 9.5 months. She is off the centile charts on height and weight, but nurses quite happy.

  4. Ellie is utterly adorable. It’s great that she is taking a shine to you. I enjoyed reading the post about Michael’s birthday. Fun stories of mischief. Also, wonderful description of various people.

  5. “Let’s use Grandpa to avoid bedtime” soon will become a favored template, as in “Let’s use Grandpa to get an extra biscuit.” Of course everyone will be charmed — including Grandpa!

  6. Those photos of you and Ellie are precious. Babies that age can be quite particular about who they spend their time with, so she’s giving you quite the compliment. Happy Father’s Day!

  7. I love this Grandpa post! It reminds me of when my great-nephew was about a year old. He took me by the hand and introduced me to his G-da, not knowing of course that I’d known my brother much longer than he had.

  8. The pictures of you and Ellie are really lovely.
    The last nine months have passed so quickly, next she’ll be walking around and talking nonstop.

      1. I’m receiving your comments again!

        I’m also getting confused with my sites! Gerry sent me an image to use on the banner for his Wednesday Challenge. I created the banner and then I absentmindedly published it in my name instead of his!

        I think I need another rest!

  9. Oh! How sweet Ellie is. I think she may be getting crafty and if she is, you’ll be the ‘go-to’ softy when when mum and dad says no to something. LOL!

  10. Playing with Ellie is the perfect antidote for technical blog challenges. Thanks for sharing these delightful photos to lift our spirits. 🙂

  11. HA! She DOES have you wrapped around her little finger! As it should be! She brings the joy!
    Won’t be long she’ll be walking and talking, and I have a feeling she’ll be energetic and talkative! All girl!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. There is nothing so sweet as the love and acceptance of a little one. This is precious set of photos, Derrick It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think the one of Ellie looking back at you rises to the top. My compliments to the photographer.

  13. I lived with my grandparents from about her age until 2. I learned later the rhymes he used to bounce me with. One was “this is the way the gentlemen ride” ending with raucous bouncing “this is the way the farmer rides.” His other one was about “ride a cock horse to Danbury(turns out it is Banbury) cross. Don’t know if he had it wrong or I remember it wrong.

    1. I’ve always done those two, Elizabeth. Unfortunately not really now. I’m pleased to prompt the memory. Thanks very much.

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