Getting Cold Feet

Fierce gales that gusted throughout the night had somewhat lessened this morning, although they set up again with increased fervour, beating a tattoo on the unflinching Modus, as we set off for an afternoon forest drive.

An unusually long tailback on Christchurch Road gave us the opportunity to turn round and head for home, but we persevered. Eventually we saw that the cause had been a stationary large lorry with flashing lights which reversed into a side road in which was an emergency police car and another vehicle blocking the road. We have no idea what had happened, But of course drove past.

In a field alongside Sowley Lane entered by muddy ruts bearing puddles, on the surfaces of which swam gradually increasing raindrop ringlets,

a soggy group of horses silently tolerated their damp surroundings.

Further along the road a small herd of cattle cropped the verges and chomped branches stripped from trees with their lichen and ivy coated trunks surrounded by dripping ferns alongside

a glistening five-barred gate.

From May to October I customarily adopt footwear of sandals without socks. Throughout this July I have been getting cold feet. This is predicted to continue until September.

Becky left before tonight’s dinner to return home to Southbourne. She had made some flavoursome chicken stock with which Jackie cooked this evening’s sticky savoury rice to accompany meaty barbecue spare ribs and tender baby sweetcorn. The Culinary Queen drank Vineyard’s Juicy Spanish RosΓ©, while I finished the Douro.


  1. Ha! I’d give anything for cool feet at this point, let alone cold. No matter. Our heat will break eventually, and I hope you dry out and warm up!

  2. Rain and wind have a way of giving us cold feet! I work in an office in which they keep lowering the temperature because their offices have window and they are always hot… I, however, do not so I spend my days with cold feet!
    Never fun to be stuck behind some sort of traffic-causing incident.

  3. Interesting that nature is changing our seasons and our perception of how our bodies react. Here our winter has not thrown us the severe cold mornings, that has been the norm. Of course, today it’s Aug 1st, maybe that will change, as that coldness finally arrives. I’m not good at remembering what happened in previous years, weather wise. Yesterday I read that Spring was nearly here, ummm not sure on that thought!

  4. Wow, so much rain in the UK this summer, feel free to send the rain here to the dry desert if it’s possible haha! Our sky is gray because of the York wildfire well south of me in California. The Mojave National Preserve is burning, very sad. You wouldn’t want to deal with the traffic in Las Vegas, guys…

  5. We show no sign of escaping the cool, damp, breezy weather do we? But at least we are more comfortable than other parts of the world.
    As for sandals, mine made an appearance in June, but have been sitting on the shoe rack for the whole of July.

    1. Thank you very much, Sue. Jackie always says she would rather have this than the extreme heat

  6. It’s been so hot and dry here that I’m glad to see raindrops are falling somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere! Stay dry, though, and keep the feet dry!

    1. They are. In winter, however, the cattle are taken inside. Thank you vey much, Arlene

  7. At this stage your weather looks kind of like ours here in South Africa. We are experiencing a very cold, wet winter and my feet are constantly cold! Great photos, especially of the trees, Derrick.

  8. Sounds like perfect weather for cold AND wet AND muddy feet! Eek! HA!
    The bovine and equine don’t seem to mind. Or maybe they do and just don’t say anything. (wink, wink)
    Protect those footsies and toes-sies, they are important!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚ ❀️
    Q: What does a woman want out of marriage?
    A: Undying devotion and a warm place to put her cold feet when she gets into bed at night. – Janet Evanovich πŸ™‚

  9. Lovely photos of the ponies and catlle. Seems there is crazy weather every where. We’ve been pretty lucky and it is predicted things will cool down next week.

  10. you seem to be having a lot of strong winds and rain. but i hear weather is in the extremes everywhere. i feel sorry for the animals but i’m sure they’re used to it. keep warm especially those feet πŸ™‚ lovely photos as always.

  11. Curiously wet weather. I do love the rich greens in the rain shots though, especially of the cows and horses this time. My favourite is the cow reflected on the wet road.

  12. Ah, I see there is no reprieve from the wet weather ahead. Sorry. It does allow for interesting pictures though.

  13. Just catching up here, Derrick. I looks wet and a bit cold there. Any unwanted rain can always be redirected our way. We’ll take hat you don’t want. The grass is the color of toast here. πŸ™‚

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