A Day Of Contrasts

The morning’s drizzling overture reached a crashing crescendo as Jackie and I began loading our garden refuse into the Modus. My shirt was soaked in seconds, and I donned a raincoat for our trip to the Council dump, now rebranded as the Efford Recycling Centre.

This symphony’s variously placed movements were conducted throughout the day.

Jacqueline visited this afternoon and we enjoyed our usual mixture of reminiscences and updating.

Soon after 6.00 p.m. the skies cleared and the starring, brightly shining sun silhouetted trees against the sky, and cast shadows short and stretched. The rain had ceased after filling numerous receptacles.

This evening, Jacqueline having returned home, the rest of us dined on Jackie’s strongly flavoured lemon chicken and savoury rice with which she drank more of the rosé and I drank more of the La Vieille Ferme.


    1. Jattie was Jessica’s aunt. She was in her 70s when she began sculpting. Thanks very much, Dolly

  1. We were fortunate to enjoy pleasantly warm and sunny weather whilst in the UK and even more fortunate to find a fair amount of rain had fallen here during our six-week absence. I am delighted to read your evocative descriptions once more!

    1. Good to have you back, Anne – equally delighted and pleased about your rain. Thanks very much

    1. Rather more than usual – with the juice of three lemons and garlic to match. Lovely. Thanks very much, Dale

  2. Lovely, rainy photos, Derrick! I love the birdbath with a sleeping lady. My area of the valley finally got hit with two gully washer thunderstorms yesterday, so good!

  3. Yesterday for most of NZ was “winter on steriods” snow further down the land and hail, rain and fierce winds up here”. A couple of hail storms gathered in little protected pockets on my porches.
    Today appears to be normal, with weather app showing a yellow globe, but it’s nippy start.

  4. Quite a contrast, indeed!
    Love your raindrops on windowpane photos!
    Love the sun creating light and shadows artwork! Especially The Shadow on the fence. 🙂
    Your header photo is my fave today…I guess you can imagine why.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Your day sounds similar to ours – heavy rain all day, but we didn’t even get a glimpse of sunshine and the rain continues.

  6. Wonderful rainy pictures and then that glorious blue sky to end the day. We have had sunshine and heavy showers all day and heavy rain and strong wind this evening.

  7. You’ve done a great job capturing the feeling of the rain (and the sun.) I love Jattie’s sculpture of the lovely woman resting and what appears to be a hedgehog and something else I can’t identify.

  8. The rain seems to arrive in your ‘hood with little notice, Derrick. You’ve had quite the downpour. It looks appealing to me, since we’ve not seen a drop in two months, but I’ve no doubt you are tired of it. Your photos are lovely.

    1. Thank you very much, Alys. We are ambivalent about it because the garden has needed the rain – but not the winds

      1. I get that. It’s a mixed bag, I follow a gardener in New Zealand, and she had to errect a wind barrier to protect her garden from coastal winds. Is that sort of thing possible in your garden?

        1. It doesn’t seem to be. We are in a direct line from The Needles beside the Isle of Wight which is often quoted by the weather people as the fastest in the land.

  9. i’ve seen days like that, dark, gloomy and rain all day then perfect sunshine in the early evening. love your photo of the rain!

  10. The evening sun is lovely, Derrick. There must be a rainbow somewhere, a promise of peace after the storms. I love lighting at the bookends of the day best. Something about angled light through the trees and on the hills brings a sense of peace.

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