More Showers Than Sunshine

This morning I posted

Today we received more showers than sunshine and I spent more of the morning reading Church’s “The Voyage Home”.

The sun played cat and mouse with me this afternoon.

Every time it tempted me to go out with the camera it would play the hiding part of peepo!

I therefore nipped out between showers and tried my luck.

Eventually we drove out into the forest in the rain, which soon desisted.

Curious sheep at Portmore risked garrotting themselves to investigate us through their wire fence.

Suddenly they all took off to the corner. I knew where they would be heading and walked back along the narrow lane to their gate.

Sure enough the farmer, assisted by his silent sheepdog, had filled their trough.

He invited me to come into the field for a better photographic opportunity. I gratefully availed myself of his friendly generosity. He left the gate open for me to close when I left. Unfortunately I forgot to ask him the breed and could not confidently identify them later.

The lake at Pilley is now filled to the brim, with clear reflections lit by the fickle sun reflected in a muddy pool and casting shadows across this and the bank.

This evening we all dined on racks of pork ribs and tender runner beans on a bed of Jackie’s savoury rice with which she drank more of the Lieblich and I finished the Garnacha.


  1. I love that one of the sheep through the fence. Weather can be so fickle sometimes 🙂 How lovely of the farmer to grant you access 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Dale. Yes – remarkable of the farmer to invite a stranger in and leave him to close the gate afterwards

  2. You got some beautiful shots despite the sun playing with you. Those sheep are so unusual. That was kind of the farmer to let you come into the field to take photos.

    1. Thank you very much, Merril. That certainly was good of the farmer who I had never met before

  3. We have had rain for the past 36 hours and it’s not over yet. Thankfully I was able to fill every water can last evening with rain water from the smaller trugs around the garden. This morning I noticed from the verandah the large trug near the garden shed was two thirds full. I’ll have enough garden for the garden for a few days after the weekend when the weatherman promises sunny skies again. Friendly sheep and friendly farmers. What more could you ask for. I hope you splashed around in a puddle or two. Or perhaps not. Jackie would make you clean the new out car. 😉

    1. Thanks very much, Chrissy. I think I’m more worried than she is about dirtying the car

  4. The photo of the sheep at the fence brought back memories of a few years ago when I rescued two lambs that had got their heads stuck in a fence similar to the one in your photo. I was walking Shadow when i spotted them so had to take him home then go back to get them out.

  5. I love that the farmer recognized your good character and left you to wander his land at will and trusted you to lock up after you were done.

    Fabulous photos. Love the sheep and the reflections.

    1. Thank you very much, Jodie. I was very touched by that farmer who I had never met before

  6. Okay, nature was puttin’ on quite a show for you today and you captured it all so beautifully!
    From the clouds-n-trees, handsome sheep, little leaf playing hide-n-seek, to water-mirrors reflecting a variety of scenes!
    How fabulous of that friendly farmer to invite you on to his farm to photograph! I’m sure he could see in your eyes and smile that you are trustworthy. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. The sheep are gorgeous! They look a lot like Jacob sheep minus the horns, or perhaps a cross. You managed a great shot of them.
    Oh, what would you give for those days back when we would have hopped over the gate and wouldn’t bother opening it? 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Sue. 🙂 Yes, Jacobs was my best guess, but without the horns I wasn’t sue.

  8. same here, Derrick. for two days now, there’s more rain than sunshine. lovely gallery as always. your red carpet rose is still budding! the sheep by the wire fence is cute 🙂

  9. The photos are beautiful, Derrick and Jackie, and I am glad the farmer was wiling to let you back there at the feeder with the camera. I was going to ask you if you knew the breed of the sheep. They look quite different than the standard issue sheep in my area.

    1. Thank you very much from us both, Lavinia. Tootlepedal has come up with a strong possibility

  10. Love the sky photos best, and spotted the rainbow iridescence up there – just marvelous. I also like the reflection shots at the end. Glad you took your chances in the rain for us.

  11. Sante’ {{{Derrick}}} – I would have a glass of that Garnacha with you as we reminisced on our similarly cloudy days with sun peeking out only briefly here between snowflakes gently falling. Your camera skills never cease to amaze me. My favorite today was “Curious sheep at Portmore …” investigating you as you investigated them through the wire fence.

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