Never Flowered Before

The narrow brick paths between the beds in the Rose Garden had become so covered in weeds as to be dangerous for me to dead head many of the roses further in when I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet; Martin’s clearance of these a couple of days ago made this much easier for me – a mixed blessing because I have no excuse for leaving them. Today’s session was therefore longer than of late, and I am still behind.

Roses pictured today include pink Compassion; an unnamed white; pale pink New Dawn, singly and along the Rose Garden south fence; pink and white striped Rosa Gallica; an unnamed peach; red Aloha, bought as unnamed for £1; yellow Absolutely Fabulous; crisp Lady Emma Hamilton in a group and individually; red Gloriana, alone and in the company of foxgloves; elegant little Ballerina; and Gloriana, clematis, and foxgloves.

I also photographed a hebe, without having noticed the insect settled on it; another clematis in company with another New Dawn, and a deep red hemerocallis, or day lily.

Finally, and clearly another tribute to Martin’s painstaking clearance work, we have an inherited philadelphus inodorus, which has never flowered before.

This evening we enjoyed second helpings of last night’s wholesome casserole meal and the same beverage.


  1. Wow, you are an excellent photographer, Derrick! So many beautiful flowers, I agree with Equipsblog, Martin is a treasure! ❤️????

  2. Welcome to the Philadelphus inodorata! Beautiful!
    All gorgeous flowers photos! Those perfect roses are showing off…and they have every right to do so! 🙂 Love the Hebe and friend! 🙂
    Bravo to Martin and his continued great gardening work!
    How are you feeling today, Derrick?
    (((HUGS))) for you and Jackie!! ❤️❤️

    1. It was probably hidden from the light and needed cutting back. Thanks very much, Ivor

  3. What a glorious display of flowers, and how exciting to see inherited philadelphus inodorus flowering. If I had a garden like yours, I would be sitting outside all day enjoying the scents and the beauty.

  4. Since roses don’t like our yard, I still enjoy borrowing yours. Of course I have to imagine the lovely odor. The ones from the florist have none! Our foxgloves were also jubilant this year. Perfect weather for once.

  5. How wonderful that the philadelphus inodorus flowered for you this year! Beautiful photos, Derrick. Your garden is spectacular!

  6. Your garden photos are always uplifting, Derrick and Jackie! Martin has done excellent work, and I am glad your philadelphus inodorus is flowering once more.

    Our roses, what is left of them, are blooming now. Summer is speeding by.

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