Jean Knight 2nd October 1922 – 15th September 2021

This afternoon we buried our mother. Jackie photographed the 11th century Norman church interior with its 14th century wall painting, and its weathered gravestones outside. Becky can be seen in the first image. Mum and Dad are united in the newer Catherington cemetery, where Jackie photographed the floral tributes. As always at funerals we metContinue reading “Jean Knight 2nd October 1922 – 15th September 2021”

A Knight’s Tale (50: Adoption)

In the summer of 1967, soon after taking up my post in Kingston Children’s Department as an Assistant Child Care Officer I found myself, for one reason or another, the only fieldworker in the agency. My senior told me that with no experience, I had earned my post by selection from more than 100 otherContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (50: Adoption)”

Woodland And Moorland

This morning I finished reading ‘Our Mutual Friend’ by Charles Dickens, and scanned the last three of Charles Keeping’s superb illustrations to my Folio Society edition of 1982. ‘Riderhood went over backward, Bradley Headstone upon him’ ‘They both laughed, till they were tired’ ‘A canopy of wet blanket seems to descend upon the company’ ChristopherContinue reading “Woodland And Moorland”

A Very Thoughtful Gift

As Jessie left this morning to return home to Primrose Hill, Jackie and I drove to Elizabeth’s to wait for a Parcel Force delivery while she kept a hospital appointment. We took a minor diversion through the forest on our way home. Groups of pigs from the verges and the greens of Pilley converged onContinue reading “A Very Thoughtful Gift”

A Knight’s Tale (49: Shanklin)

In September 1968, I produced this photograph on the beach at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. An A3+ print now faces guests sitting on our loo. Also on this holiday after a paddle, Michael prevailed upon a pregnant Jackie to dig a hole in the sand for him to climb into. Three months laterContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (49: Shanklin)”

Today’s Hobbyhorses

Our extended Indian summer continues. Early this morning the three of us spent some time in the garden where I photographed a number of blooms, the names of which are all included in the galleries. The blue Morning Glories only flowered for the first time last week. Bees are still plundering the cosmoses. After thisContinue reading “Today’s Hobbyhorses”

No Intention Of Budging

This morning I posted This afternoon we took Jessie on a forest drive. I stepped out on Rhinefield Road and wandered among the autumnal woodland. Ponies at Mockbeggar basked and dozed on the green, ignoring flies; one, claiming its right of way on the road, forced traffic, including cyclists, to take a wide berth.Continue reading “No Intention Of Budging”

A Knight’s Tale (48: The Housing Market)

In those days I was able to buy our first house together for £5,000. It is not just inflation that has meant that the, albeit refurbished, house sold for £1,200,000 earlier this year. In 1968, 76 Amity Grove was a small semi-detached three-bedroomed Victorian house with one bathroom and combined WC added through a doorContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (48: The Housing Market)”

A Post Covid Visit

On a warm and sunny day our friend Jessie who, because of Covid, has not been able to visit for three years, arrived in time for lunch to stay for the weekend. It was delightful to catch up again, and for Jessie to be able to remind us of all the changes both inside theContinue reading “A Post Covid Visit”

A Knight’s Tale (47: Wedding And Honeymoon)

Our wedding took place at St Edmund’s Church, Beckenham, on 2nd March 1968. We enjoyed a four day honeymoon at The Kings Arms, Ockley, where these three portraits were produced while my new mother-in-law looked after Michael. One of our walks took us up Leith Hill. This abandoned house provided ample photo-opportunities near the inn,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (47: Wedding And Honeymoon)”