Three Little Pigs

On this oppressively warm and overcast afternoon we took a brief drive into the forest. Unobliging cattle grazing on Bull Hill took off across the road when I disembarked from the Modus to photograph them. Jackie provided me with today’s title when she said that it was a shame that a fourth piglet joined theContinue reading “Three Little Pigs”

Illustrations Accommodated By The Text

Early this afternoon we discovered a leak beneath a bathroom tap, dripping into our downstairs utility room. A local plumber could only promise a visit tomorrow afternoon, but said he would try to come later today. Considering that a pretty good response given the shortage of available plumbers nearer than Geelong, we were confined indoorsContinue reading “Illustrations Accommodated By The Text”

A Dog Cart

Late this morning I published We then drove to Steamer Point and brunched at the Beach Hut Café at Friars Cliff. This has been our first visit since before Covid. I needed no further sustenance this evening. Many customers dined alfresco. We were the only couple inside, because we couldn’t find a place toContinue reading “A Dog Cart”

A Knight’s Tale (46: “OK, How Did You Do It?”)

A few more motoring stories will appear in their rightful positions. Today I offer my most confused; the one I felt most smug about; and my most shameful effort. During my first week at Kingston Children’s Department I toured the residential homes to get to know them. One of these was a few miles away.Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (46: “OK, How Did You Do It?”)”

Garden News

Although the sun shone most of this dry day, the overnight winds remained decidedly brisk. This afternoon I was swept round the garden in search of plants still enough for me to photograph them without panning. These cosmoses now greet us across the kitchen door. The patio planters and pots, as usual have caught theContinue reading “Garden News”


I spent much of the morning obtaining and working on papers relating to my executorship of Mum’s will. Elizabeth visited after lunch to collect some material with my signatures. Afterwards I posted Thereafter Broadband connection was severely disrupted. Fortunately I was able to post Jackie’s photograph of the delicious chicken jalfrezi and pilau riceContinue reading “Administration”

A Knight’s Tale (45: Far Less Traffic)

There were three weeks between my interview at Kingston and starting the job at Tolworth Tower. One question I had been asked was “How do you feel about driving?”. Not mentioning that I had never even sat in a driving seat, I replied that I felt it was just a way of getting from oneContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (45: Far Less Traffic)”

Ready For Her Close Up

This morning we drove Jan, Bob, and DeAna to New Milton station for the next stage of their journey to Switzerland. Jan e-mailed me three photographs taken on the platform for Waterloo. Jackie and Jan by De; Jan and Derrick by De; and Bob and De by Jan. A brief inspection of further storm damageContinue reading “Ready For Her Close Up”

Under The Red Umbrella

This morning I posted Later, with the storm winds blowing at 50+ m.p.h. and the pelting rain bouncing off the Prebendal School red umbrella that she struggled to hold aloft, a cheerful Jan wandered round the garden, determined to photograph the plants she had got to know through WordPress. Negotiating the various arches wasContinue reading “Under The Red Umbrella”

A Knight’s Tale (44: A Concerned Single Father)

Woodland sunlight I noticed in the New Forest in October 13th, 2012, took me back to July 1967.  It was in a wood in Sussex that Michael and I had stopped off for a play en route to Brighton where, the summer after Vivien died, I planned a bed-and-breakfast tour of the south coast withContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (44: A Concerned Single Father)”