Sway Open Gardens

Today’s plan was, after an early lunch, to visit as many as possible of the 21 gardens in the village of Sway that were open to the public.

In the event I seem to be experiencing a reaction to yesterday’s Covid booster vaccination so I didn’t trust myself to go wandering about. The ladies therefore left me dozing over a book and

lunched at Rosie Lea while chatting to

a friendly robin. The first gallery of pictures was provided by Jackie, who also took the first two robin shots, while Flo took the third, and all the garden images which are to follow.

They walked around five of the gardens.

The first set are from Tarna on Brighton Road;

then came 4 Buldowne Walk;

followed by Holmlea;

15 Oakenbrow was next;

and finally Ashen Bank in Adlams Lane, where the camera battery expired.

As usual each picture is titled in the galleries.

This evening we dined on the excellent fare of Hordle Chinese Take Away with which Jackie drank Tsing Tao beer and Flo and I didn’t.