“Let’s Scarper”

This afternoon we drove to Mudeford where marauding gulls hadn’t yet given up scavenging from a fishing boat that had unloaded its catch. In an attempt to secure a better angle for photographing them I perched on the lip of a large container. What I hadn’t realised was that I would tip over onto theContinue reading ““Let’s Scarper””

Dressing Chef

I wandered around the garden in today’s early morning light. Alongside the magnolia Vulcan stand the first of our rhododendrons in full bloom. The small diurnal yellow and orange poppies that crop up everywhere have woken up; forget-me-nots also thrust through soil and gravel at will; even more ubiquitous are honesty, and bluebells. Iberis, aubretia,Continue reading “Dressing Chef”

Out On Their Feet Amid The Confetti

Yesterday I forgot to mention the outcome of my visit to Simon Richards, the hand surgeon. That can only be a good sign. He has discharged me, but physiotherapy will continue for some time. The middle joint on the little finger remains bent rigid. He has advised me to practice straightening it with brute forceContinue reading “Out On Their Feet Amid The Confetti”

Becky’s Book

The sun, peering across shrubbery on our lawn through the trunks of naked trees, rose into a clear pale slate-blue sky, ready to dry the dew this morning. Sometime in 1973 I began to make a book for Becky, then my youngest daughter. It was planned for her fourth birthday the following year. I used water-colour pencilsContinue reading “Becky’s Book”