The Forest Den

On another bright morning I had intended a walk based on The Splash ford, however, directly opposite the end of Lower Drive, I was tempted into the forest by the sight of five ponies foraging in what is an unusual location for them. Having gone in to make their acquaintance, I continued and repeated theContinue reading “The Forest Den”

The Revived HMV

Last night’s curry meal was one with which Jackie excelled herself.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely and we continued talking late into the evening. Christmas Day 1965 was my nephew Jimmy Clancy’s first one.  In today’s calendar picture he looks pretty happy with his haul of presents. The family rose at unprecedented early hours and weContinue reading “The Revived HMV”

Yorkshire Tea Bags

There was no thunderstorm yesterday, but heavy rain set in during the night and continued as I set off for the village shop and back.  My headache had gone.  By the time I reached Minstead Hall I realised I had forgotten my wallet, so I turned round, returned home, picked up my money, declined theContinue reading “Yorkshire Tea Bags”