“Who Won?”

After yesterday’s two posts it seemed fitting to feature a normal lunchtime at home involving 

a salad based meal eaten from a plate placed on our knees in front of our television, watching

Antiques Road Trip which pits two experts in the field travelling together across the UK, each beginning with £200 to spend on items taken to a series of auctions, after each of which accumulative profits or losses are calculated, the winner being the one emerging on the last afternoon with the most money in their kitty.

Today’s “Really” recording featured Stephanie Connell, seen here, and Charlie Ross. Sometimes I sleep through the final stages and wake up to ask Jackie “who won?”

In the rare event that I remain awake for the whole programme we might catch ten minutes or so of the much dumbed down 

Bargain Hunt, in which two pairs, each with a £300 starting sum, have one hour in which to spend their money and take their items to auction. The team that finishes with the most profit or the least loss is the winner and takes home any profit.

Today’s location was Newark Showground, which I often visited when we lived in this historic midlands market town.

Sometimes I even sleep through BBC’s One o’clock News which I like to follow.

Today Ben Brown features the England Women’s rugby squad, who are favourites to win the current world cup.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s succulent sausage casserole, crunchy carrots, creamy mashed potatoes, and tender green beans with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Bordeaux.