A number of readers rightly gathered, from its brevity and the absence of culinary description in yesterday’s post, that I had run out of creative steam. For those concerned about the lack of sustenance, I can say that we had boiled eggs and toast for breakfast. On our knees of course. Well, on plates on our knees to be precise. WeContinue reading “Rancid”

Mum’s Ring

After a little more packing this morning we drove over to Shelly and Ron’s in Walkford to unload some of it for storage in their home before we move. Just around the corner from Jackie’s sister and brother-in-law, the ashes of her much-loved mother lie buried in  Woodland Burial Ground. The Walkford site is oneContinue reading “Mum’s Ring”

Through The Underpass

This morning I decided to walk through the Malwood Farm underpass and see how far I got before I gave up on what I expected to be a rather soggy terrain. It probably would have been a better idea to have stayed on the roads, or at least worn Wellingtons instead of walking shoes. EvenContinue reading “Through The Underpass”

‘You Don’t Put Metal On Metal’

Before rounding the morning off with a Totton Lidl shop, we had an almost fruitless search for a house in Romsey.  We knew it was close behind the famous Abbey; we knew there was a river and a park nearby; we knew there was a ‘Greenfield View’.  But negotiating the centre of this historic townContinue reading “‘You Don’t Put Metal On Metal’”