Pannage Has Begun

We began this hot and sunny late summer’s day with a trip to Ferndene Farm Shop. Normally, when we visit this splendidly stocked and very reasonably priced outlet we do so in order to buy compost and manage to come away with plants as well. Today the process was reversed. We came for pansies andContinue reading “Pannage Has Begun”

Autumn Arachnid

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN THE GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT. FURTHER CLICKS WILL INCREASE ENLARGEMENT As the first autumn arachnid predator wrapped prey for its larder in the warm morning sunshine, further potential sustenance foraged forContinue reading “Autumn Arachnid”

Yarnton’s Cardoon

After an application of Vanish, two cold washes in the machine, and a dedicated press, Jackie has achieved a renovation of the linen jacket, which was beyond the dry cleaners. And it still fits. I began the day with a walk through Roger’s footpath, where I again met Pete, who, on this far more overcastContinue reading “Yarnton’s Cardoon”

Streets Of London

Again, the early morning sun, casting shadows across the gravel to meet grasses on the other side of the path, worked it’s magic on the peonies; on new rambling red roses; on rose tinted aquilegias; on the clematis Doctor Ruppel; on a somewhat nibbled geranium palmatum; and warming the stone of a frog’s back onContinue reading “Streets Of London”