Creating A Splash

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Today was another wet one. The New Forest is so waterlogged as to promote empathy for those unfortunates who chose to come here forContinue reading “Creating A Splash”

In Conversation

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY. A FURTHER INCREASE CAN BE OBTAINED BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING THE BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT On another bright, cold, morning Jackie drove us out into the forest. Catkins, like these in Royden Lane, Boldre, dangle from their trees. In one paddock the livestock was convenientlyContinue reading “In Conversation”

Rosie Lea

This afternoon Jackie drove Becky and me on a recce through the waterlogged forest. On another reasonably warm day, we enjoyed a little sunshine and a lot of showers. The first stop was near Wootton Bridge on the way to Brockenhurst. There we encountered expanding pools of water on the forest floor, a swollen stream,Continue reading “Rosie Lea”

Where’s Sheila?

A prolific red climbing rose was becoming a hazard as it stretched across the front door. It needed tying up. But there was no trellis left available. Fortunately we have found a number of large pointed metal spikes rather like giant Meccano struts, in various parts of the garden. I banged one of those into theContinue reading “Where’s Sheila?”

Sam’s Dad

This morning I finished reading Henri Troyaut’s novel ‘Grandeur Nature’, which I understand, not quite literally, to mean ‘Real Life’. It is the story of how a son’s success in a similar field to his less talented father destroys what is otherwise a loving family of three.  Despite Antoine Vautier’s unsuccessful struggle to land suitableContinue reading “Sam’s Dad”