Raindrops And Humidity

This drizzle-wet morning gave way to the hot, humid-wet afternoon on which I carried out a dead-heading exercise. For those worried about our robin family, Jackie’s internet research has revealed that in summer the missing small birds abandon gardens for woods where a plethora of readily attainable food abounds. They can be expected to returnContinue reading “Raindrops And Humidity”

Where’s Sheila?

A prolific red climbing rose was becoming a hazard as it stretched across the front door. It needed tying up. But there was no trellis left available. Fortunately we have foundĀ a number of large pointed metal spikes rather like giant Meccano struts, in various parts of the garden. I banged one of those into theContinue reading “Where’s Sheila?”

The Tour Continues

This morning we drove to Highcliffe for coffee with Caroline and Keith Martin, with whom Margery had put us in touch. This was a very enjoyable meeting. All thanks to Margery. Meanwhile our garden tour continues. We call this Elizabeth’s red climbing rose, because it is in a bed she cleared last autumn. A beeContinue reading “The Tour Continues”