I’ve Got The Hang Of It

Because I hadn’t yet tackled the stairs on crutches this morning, Mr Kask decided I would not be going home today. I had two sessions on the stairs afterwards.

The second time Jackie was on hand to record my efforts along the corridor,

and eventually that I’ve got the hang of it.

This is her view of the hospital grounds

and of the main entrance from our wing.

Anyone who has followed my representations of my main meal of the day over the years may be surprised to learn that I have had to adjust my choices from the hospital menus. I am just not able to manage three large three course meals in a day any more. I have now dropped a course from my selections and opted for small portions. Thus, with tonight’s water, I chose tomato and basil soup, without it’s warm bread roll; moist egg and cress sandwiches; and fresh fruit salad. Jackie helped me out with the sandwich.



Keep Calm And Carrion

I won’t dwell on the agonies of transferring myself, stiffened after an hour’s drive, from the car to our living room; adjusting to the different seating levels, and manoeuvring myself around the home yesterday evening. Two examples will suffice.

While Jackie was in the kitchen preparing wonderful scrambled egg on toast, I decided to rise from the old worn out Chesterfield sofa which was my favourite TV seat. When Jackie returned after twenty minutes she had to put the tray down and haul me up to the arm of the furniture. I was dripping with sweat, but that didn’t stop me relishing all my dinner.

The most frightening challenge had been ascending the stairs to bed. Having eventually summoned up the courage to give it a go, I surmounted these with comparative ease. Our bedroom is part of an extension added in the 1970s. There is a further step down into it, twice the depth of those on the stairs. Still using crutches, I fell down it, tottered forward and came to a standstill, realising that my replacement knee had twice taken all the weight, with no adverse effects.

This morning, we pondered how we might insert an intermediate step. Having provided me with coffee, Jackie wandered around the garden. Soon I was greeted by her smiling face beside a slab of concrete resting on her shoulder. Would that I could have snapped the moment. I was soon able to step on it and descend the stairs.

Concrete step

We will have to be satisfied with a photograph that the Maintenance Department produced later.

Derrick after knee op

Having given me a personal cleaning service Jackie felt I was really home once ensconced in my corner chair. Note that I am wearing my more familiar slippers.

I slept through most of the afternoon. Later, I really looked forward to my dinner of fish pie, carrots, peas, and green beans. It was eaten with considerable relish.

The Beachcomber

I began dead-heading roses this morning.

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Barton on Sea via Milford on Sea. We stopped off at Milford for Sheila to buy a stamp for New Zealand and maybe some wool from the shop that was also a Post Office. The Post Office had been permanently closed a fortnight ago and the wool shop was closed for lunch.

We had more success at Barton, because the Beachcomber Café was fully open for business, and we spent a pleasant time in their garden overlooking the sea.

Valerian and irises

The gate in a low fence at one end of the plot is now nailed up. This prevents wanderers venturing past the valerian and irises and dropping off the end of the crumbling cliff;

Paraglider 1

something I all but did, not realising the sward would so abruptly disappear, the first time I photographed the paragliders who were out in force today.

Paragliders and gulls


I had been so engrossed in striding across the grass to get near the gliders that I almost walked off the edge. The cyclist in this picture has his black labrador running alongside him.

Paraglider 2

Paraglider 3Paraglider 4 Paraglider 5

Today the fliers floated past the café.

Paraglider, birds, plane

This one was joined by birds in the air and by a plane high above them.

Beachcomber Cafe garden 2SpanielsBeachcomber Cafe Garden 4

Beachcomber Cafe Garden 3

The dog-friendly café caters for people of all ages; children in buggies; older people in wheelchairs, with walking aids, and post-operative crutches.


The usual avian hordes scavenging for scraps included an imperious gull,

StarlingStarling 2Starling juvenile

ravenous starlings,


and spritely sparrows.

The cake on the grass was tossed there by one of the customers. Jackie picked it up and placed it on the plate to encourage a photo opportunity. The last of the starlings was, we think, a juvenile. Perhaps that is why it was content to attempt to feed off an empty plate.

Our plates this evening were far from empty. They contained Jackie’s superb sausage casserole, creamy mashed potatoes, and crisp carrots, cauliflower, and runner beans, followed by sponge cake or rice pudding or both. She drank Hoegaarden, I drank Gilbert and Gaillard Chateauneuf du Pape 2014, and Sheila drank sparkling water.