House Rules

One of the rounded posts allegedly holding up the arch supporting roses, clematis, and honeysuckle at the entrance to the front garden has rotted away. In fact it had itself, until hurricane Bertha struck, been made apparently secure by the plants themselves. It needed attention. Building upon yesterday’s successful D.I.Y., I decided to deal with theContinue reading “House Rules”

A Little D.I.Y. And A Lot Of Creativity

The clematis texansis Duchess of Albany that Jackie planted in the kitchen garden is now blooming.  One side of the back drive is lined with hardy fuchsias. The window boxes on the front wall have survived hurricane Bertha. The golden holly I hacked down in the spring because of the number of sports it sportedContinue reading “A Little D.I.Y. And A Lot Of Creativity”

The Bolt Cutter

Had the rain not driven us inside yesterday, before I’d assembled the first of the benches for which we had purchased the wood and bolts, I may have been saved the rude awakening in the middle of the night when I realised a somewhat more than minor miscalculation. It is customary, you see, for me toContinue reading “The Bolt Cutter”