The Wind Gets Up

Having now reached episode 7 of The Crown series 2, we have decided that enough is more than enough. There is too much intrusive invention for our liking. This morning I visited Sears Barbers for Peter to cut my hair. Knowing that later today we would be in for a storm which I believe hasContinue reading “The Wind Gets Up”

‘Strike While The Iron’s Hot…….’

A comment from my blogging friend, Mary Tang, on yesterday’s post led me to contemplate first names. Mary has met many people who share her prenomen. Apart from my Uncle Derrick, I have only come across three others who share my spelling. Strangely enough, they also all had the same surname. The first Derrick KnightContinue reading “‘Strike While The Iron’s Hot…….’”

House Rules

One of the rounded posts allegedly holding up the arch supporting roses, clematis, and honeysuckle at the entrance to the front garden has rotted away. In fact it had itself, until hurricane Bertha struck, been made apparently secure by the plants themselves. It needed attention. Building upon yesterday’s successful D.I.Y., I decided to deal with┬átheContinue reading “House Rules”