Socially Distanced Birthday Tea

Early this morning we shopped in two different garden centres for presents for Danni’s birthday today. I then made her a card featuring a garden view containing a cockerel equipped with still functioning solar lights that our niece and nephew in law had given Jackie about three years ago. The Head Gardener discovered a pileContinue reading “Socially Distanced Birthday Tea”

On Station Road

Jackie really enjoys the garden view from the stable door. Here it was early this morning. At the moment she is putting the rows of watering cans to repeated use on a daily basis. After I had taken the above photographs my Chauffeuse drove me along Christchurch Road, where we passed baled hay being loadedContinue reading “On Station Road”

The Wealdstone Raider

This morning, whilst Jackie continued preparing the garden for the winter that only the calendar suggests is bound to come, I cut the grass, and lopped a dead branch. From above, the progress of the rose garden can now be clearly seen beyond the Pergola Path. Four days ago, Ian reached a milestone birthday. TodayContinue reading “The Wealdstone Raider”