Great Great Grandma’s Mug

Steady rain fell outside throughout the day.

Almost 50 years ago, when we lived in Soho, and Becky and Matthew spent weekends with us, we often shopped in Gerard Street in the heart of Chinatown. Perhaps I was putting this shoe on in July 1974, for one such a trip.

In June 2008, Becky took her daughter, Flo, on a tour of her old haunts, and sent me this photograph by e-mail.

Regular readers will know that my own mother, who lived until 15th September 2021, had adopted the practice of labelling items with the names, usually of those who had given them as presents, of those to whom she wished to bequeath them.

One which came to me was a Chinese mug and teapot set bought in Gerard street about the time Jessica produced the header picture. Not wishing for her to have to wait as long as I did, I gave this to Becky, who decided to keep it here for when she visits.

This morning my Mum’s great-great-granddaughter took a shine to her Gram-Gram’s mug.

Peering through racing windscreen wipers barely keeping pace with streams of precipitation coursing across the window, on a decidedly cold and wet midsummer afternoon, Jackie and I spied bubbles bouncing from tarmac streaked with reflected headlights as we set out on a forest drive.

Damp sheep huddled where they could beside the road at Bramshaw.

Moorland along Roger Penny Way was barely visible

Venturing across Deadman Hill for this view, ice tipped javelins pierced my skin; I could not see what I was pointing at; and I returned to the car soaked to the skin.

Moorland along the way was scarcely visible.

The first ponies we saw were disrupting the traffic at North Gorley.

Along Gorley Road donkeys dripped; reflecting headlights starred; raindrops bubbled and splashed.

This evening we all dined on Fire Pit beef burgers; fried onions; plentiful salad with Becky’s dressing, and various tasty sauces. Jackie drank Diet Coke and I finished the Merlot.