‘Have You Had A Fall Or Something?’

We have found Rufuston on the agent’s website.  It is still intriguing.  Were we to pursue it, us oldies would need to install a lift; more double glazing; and at least one more loo.  The house is on four floors, with stunning views across the forest at the back, but the noisy A31 at theContinue reading “‘Have You Had A Fall Or Something?’”

The Shredder

A little cooler than yesterday, we nevertheless had a bright, clear day with intermittent clouds scudding across the sky. Helen and Bill visited this morning bearing champagne and pinks in celebration of the birthday on which Jackie has reached her official extended retirement age. Late in the afternoon I walked to Imperial China.  Not theContinue reading “The Shredder”

Printing Mottisfont Trout

Spring continues to be thrust aside by its hoary old relative.  Why winter has been unable to enjoy an easy third age on the lecture circuit is a mystery to us all, except perhaps Michael Fish, the weatherman who infamously dismissed reports of the Great Storm of 1987.  A solitary daffodil manages to defy theContinue reading “Printing Mottisfont Trout”

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Yesterday’s rain was magnified today.  Looking out of our windows I thought the limited visibility was mist.  It was the deluge.  All vehicles on the A31 had headlights glowing, falling raindrops adding hazy coronas.  Undeterred, I walked the loop taking in the two underpasses. Pebbles on a beach revealed by a receding tide gain, until dried out,Continue reading “If At First You Don’t Succeed”