“Help Me, Please, Becky”

This morning we collected my new Epson printer from Wessex Photographic in Lymington.  Luke was extremely helpful in helping me understand how to load the paper profiles for my preferred Ilford Galerie papers into the printer. Knowing that whenever I take delivery of anything involving new technology I am likely to leave it in itsContinue reading ““Help Me, Please, Becky””


At 3 a.m. this morning, having woken up thinking about it, I tried the link suggested last evening by the WordPress advisor. It led me to clearing the Safari cache. This seemed rather frightening. I ‘[felt] the fear and [did] it anyway’. It worked. I was then able to reformat yesterday’s post with larger photographs.Continue reading “Digging”

Clipped Wings

Continuing with the card-making process, I began by trying to understand why, when printing through iPhoto on the computer, pictures were being cropped in a frustratingly restrictive way.  In many instances this did not matter much, but when it came to a butterfly having its wings clipped this was intolerable.  So I got up thisContinue reading “Clipped Wings”

Printing Mottisfont Trout

Spring continues to be thrust aside by its hoary old relative.  Why winter has been unable to enjoy an easy third age on the lecture circuit is a mystery to us all, except perhaps Michael Fish, the weatherman who infamously dismissed reports of the Great Storm of 1987.  A solitary daffodil manages to defy theContinue reading “Printing Mottisfont Trout”