A Knight’s Tale (47: Wedding And Honeymoon)

Our wedding took place at St Edmund’s Church, Beckenham, on 2nd March 1968. We enjoyed a four day honeymoon at The Kings Arms, Ockley, where these three portraits were produced while my new mother-in-law looked after Michael. One of our walks took us up Leith Hill. This abandoned house provided ample photo-opportunities near the inn,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (47: Wedding And Honeymoon)”

Inside The Deserted House

Jackie has provided me with updated information on the deserted house mentioned yesterday. Here it is:  ‘Having driven fairly regularly past this house over the years, I can report that altho’ it has lost some of it’s character, it still exists, and houses on this prestigious Surrey village green cost an absolute fortune (close to £1,000000!).Continue reading “Inside The Deserted House”