“They’ll All Disappear Quickly Into The Woodland”

After dropping off our menu choices at Karen and Barry’s home in Pennington on this cool morning of clear blue skies and bright sunshine we continued for a forest drive.

Along Wilverley Road we stopped beside Setthorn’s campsite where

a sylvan sprite had forged a heart in the trunk of a woodland oak.

Immediately opposite a trampled track down which I trod led to Longslade Bottom, populated by ponies and dog walkers.

Jackie photographed me in action.

In addition to fallen oak leaves the sward was littered with spiky chestnut cases evidencing the industry of squirrels dragging their fodder from trees some distance away.

As we drove slowly along Bisterne Close ponies seemed to be gathering from various locations to their usual meeting place. They didn’t stay long because as Jackie said while I leisurely collected up my equipment to disembark “They’ll all disappear quickly into the woodland”. That is exactly what they did, so I trudged after them.

One group I traced to a holly hedge behind a wire netting fence. Suddenly neighing and stamping of hooves was followed by three animals thudding down the bank in disarray. Naturally I made myself scarce. To my relief the two who had been seen off by a rival claimant to the hedge were more interested in returning to their lunch than in making any further escape.

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips and baked beans with which we both drank Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2021.

Ever-Changing Skies


Fence and compost bins

Aaron of A.P. Maintenance has recently completed the last section of fencing, and reorganised the compost bins. Today, he and his nephew Rory took away some of the resultant rubbish. This photograph is one of the few that I was able to take today in sunshine and with a dry camera.

During the rest of the day I was in and out to the garden attempting a few photographs of plants enjoying the sunshine and the showers. Perhaps only the duck and the frog were really in their element. The rain bejewelled primulas, daffodils, camellias, clematis cirrhosa, hellebores, iris, pulmonaria, and faux poppy sat for me quite nicely.

By mid-afternoon I conceded victory to the wind which enforced such rapid changes in the skies that all this last batch of pictures were produced within minutes during which rain fell continuously. Clouds rolled rapidly across the Heavens, sometimes concealing, sometimes revealing the sun

Holly trunk

throwing its glowing light on this holly trunk against a sludgy bank of cloud.

This evening we dined on minced beef pie, creamy mashed potato and swede, red cabbage, crunchy carrots, leeks, and onions. I finished the merlot.