Readies; Reads; Resuscitation

CLICK ON THE INDIVIDUAL IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THE OTHERS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Over coffee this morning, we had reason to try to remember the name of a cafe in Milford on Sea. We now have two reference points for such information. Jackie favours the Google walk; my preference is thisContinue reading “Readies; Reads; Resuscitation”


Glittering white frost coated the lawn this beautiful, cold, blue-sky morning as Jackie drove us to West Totton’s Tesco Express to buy a few essentials, like bread and potatoes.  I had intended to walk back from the Minstead turn off on the A337. However, where the sun had not reached the road surfaces they were soContinue reading “Toytown”

Researching Seamans

On this dull dank day I took yesterday’s walk in reverse.  In Minstead village there is field containing two ponies which are often seen by the gate, at this time fetlock-deep in water-filled well-drilled hoofprints.  Nearby buckets perhaps contain some kind of food supplement for these animals leaving the slightly drier centre field to watch the worldContinue reading “Researching Seamans”