The Assistant Photographer Saves The Day

This morning I posted After a heavy fall of sleet at lunchtime the darkly brooding clouds slunk away and the sun shone for the rest of the chilly afternoon. We did not receive the expect snowfall. Jackie drove me to Lymington where I collected a large print for Jan and Bob Beekman; a flashContinue reading “The Assistant Photographer Saves The Day”

That’s What Wellies Are For

David and Jen also gave us wine and stilton for Christmas this year.  It was therefore appropriate that their box should take the tie overflow (see yesterday’s post).  But who wears ties these days? Once again we were waterlogged.  Knowing, when I set out to walk the Emery Down loop via Mill Lane, that IContinue reading “That’s What Wellies Are For”

Researching Seamans

On this dull dank day I took yesterday’s walk in reverse.  In Minstead village there is field containing two ponies which are often seen by the gate, at this time fetlock-deep in water-filled well-drilled hoofprints.  Nearby buckets perhaps contain some kind of food supplement for these animals leaving the slightly drier centre field to watch the worldContinue reading “Researching Seamans”